Aug 292017

I am trying out a new log format for my BWH day entries. The idea is to give a synopsis of my day followed by comments and any additional information I need to convey.


BWH Workday

8/28/17 – Monday

Time                                      Activity

8 am – 8:30 am                 Morning check-in

8:30 am – 10 am                Washed dishes, researched PBW

10:20 am – 12:13 pm      Garden work (invasive grass management)

12:13 pm – 12:43 pm     Lunch

12:43 pm – 1:03 pm        Consulted Con on PBW

1:03 pm – 1:32 pm          AO Business

1:32 pm – 3:45 pm          Garden work (invasive grass management and fall crop planting)

3:45 pm – 4:15 pm          Wash up and prep. for afternoon check-out

4:15 pm – 4:45 pm          Afternoon check-out


Running projects:

  • PBW Protocols write-up (part of bWh systems manual)
  • Consideration of GIS Project (interest, resources available, resources needed)
  • Call to recycling center to get more info about recyclability of wax coated milk cartons
  • Consult Con on setting up a sub-thread for BWH logs


On running projects:

The topic of PBW, Powdered Brewery Wash, came up when I was washing dishes and will be addressed in a later blog post as well as in a bWh systems guide that is under development. The GIS Project is a synthesis of my knowledge, interests, and abilities, as well as Kathy’s, and the forest stewardship goals for bWh.

On communications:

Communications  are an ongoing improvement process at bWh. We (KJ and I) plan to implement a supplementary system of a listener repeating back a message or process that has been described by a speaker so that both the listener and the speaker are in closer alignment on what the intended message is to promote understanding.


I spent most of my day working in the garden preparing it for fall crops. My time in the garden manifested multiple qualities of life for me. I learned more about seasonal gardening, crop rotation, soil pH impacts, companion planting, and plants’ needs in general, which helps me to be more independent and resilient in the case that I must grow or forage food for survival. My time in the garden also helped me to manifest a healthier earth; I worked in an organic garden and learned about ways to reduce pests and plant diseases that might otherwise require an inorganic solution. Overall, I had a good day.

  3 Responses to “8/28/17 – BWH Day – Garden Work”

  1. Thank you Paul.
    What do you think about your log format experiment?
    We’ll speak more about this during our up-coming meetings.

    • Hi Kathy,

      I think the log format experiment will prove to be useful for us all. Especially for new interns coming on board. I think the format is to the point and a time saver, to write, and to read.

  2. 🙂

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