Nov 182013

Here’s what is going on in the world around us, as we see it. I bet you think the world is pretty darn good for what it is. Maybe a war somewhere overseas. Maybe a disease somewhere, a disease that we here in the “developed world” have beaten. You might have even heard about the […]

Nov 102013

This post is to inform potential future interns as to what Athens’ Own is like, and what they are getting into. First, I want to say to you, potential intern, good choice in even looking at Athens’ Own! I know that if I were again looking for an internship or a job, (on the surface) […]

Nov 032013

During the past week, lots of things have been said and talked about, and so I have thought a lot about all those things said during my past week, the weekend and my day with mom. Overall, I have come to the sad, but mentally unanimous conclusion and decision: It is my time to leave […]

Oct 242013

The main thing Tuesday besides the usual coffee, cashews Seaman’s and the like, was that Constantine asked me to think about a question. This question: ” Let’s say we are in a plane flying one way, one way in that it WILL run out of fuel and that we WILL have to parachute out. No […]

Oct 182013

This log is more updates since my last log on 10-3. Besides things like more solo Seaman’s deliveries, another solo Athens’ farmers market, I did another OU mini farmers market, this time with four types of cheese: the regular 6 month plus 9 month, 2 year and 4 year. It was a bit slower than […]

Oct 032013

This log is an update about everything (that I remember) since my last log. Firstly, I believe that since my last log is when Alyse decided that her time at Athens’ Own was up, and it was time to leave. She has gone on to other things, and now it is just Constantine and myself, […]

Sep 132013

While I was at Broadwell for a work day, I was given the job of washing a bunch of the compost and food buckets. While I was doing that, Constantine tasked me with thinking about a question to ask Kathy once I was done with that job. The question I was to ask was “You […]

Aug 232013

On Tuesday, I started by packaging the weekly coffee. The best part was that I got to bag the first “Turkish ground with cardamom” that we’ve had in a couple of years. The reason that we haven’t had any in a while is that Constantine could not find a good source of good cardamom. The […]