Aug 232013

On Tuesday, I started by packaging the weekly coffee. The best part was that I got to bag the first “Turkish ground with cardamom” that we’ve had in a couple of years. The reason that we haven’t had any in a while is that Constantine could not find a good source of good cardamom. The new cardamom we have now was brought to us from Constantine’s friend Hazim from Souvlaki’s. Hazim brought the cardamom back with him from Jordon for us. Thanks to him, we can now again offer our Turkish coffee. After we were done with the coffee, Constantine arrived and the two of us wen to Seaman’s. I went in and inventoried everything while he went on and took in some fresh beef. Once I was done with the inventorying and after a little confusion on my part, we started the regular stuff, coffee and cashews. We put three of the four new Turkish grounds into Seaman’s, along with the normal items. Once done there, we went back to ACEnet we yet again modified the double burner. We have recently had problems with the gas flow and stuff, especially getting it to light right. So Constantine had the bright idea of putting a valve between the place the gas goes in and the rest of the outlets, like the burners and the pilots. The goal of that was to help the flow valve on the tank release the gas despite the pilots taking gas. The safety is designed to not let any gas flow if there is gas flow when the tank gets turned on. Anyway, we played around with different positions of the valve and finally decided on one. While we did that, I learned some how to put a valve like that on, especially how to tighten everything without turning anything backwards.

The main thing Wednesday was that we got to use the newly modified burners at the market. It worked great, exactly as we intended: turn off the valve, turn on the gas, open the valve when ready and light it up!

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