Sep 262017

9/24/17 Recently, Constantine and I discussed the idea of independence. The main question behind the discussion was “What does independence mean to you?”. This log entry is a reflection on that discussion. Well before the discussion, I had ideas about independence, I believed it was important to me. I specifically included it in my holistic […]

Sep 112017

Workday Outline Day: Monday       Date: 9/11/17     Time slot: 0830-1045       Activity: Check-in Description: Paul and Kathy (PR and KJ) participated in a meeting covering a wide range of topics discussing personal and group goals, qualities of life, and behaviors and systems. Results: A recognition that a prepared agenda […]

Sep 072017

Thursday 9/7/27   Morning – 0800-1130 Activities: Finishing yesterday’s bWh delivery (transporting gasoline and distilled water to appropriate locations) Log writing and posting (based off yesterdays events) Meeting with Con (C) about delegation to bWh to contribute to work party focused on invasive plant management PR delegated to bWh, Kathy (K) is incident commander. Lunch […]

Sep 072017

Written on 9/7/17 Workday efficiency Yesterday was a full day, despite a late start. I inventoried and delivered to Seaman’s, Bagel Street Deli, Restaurant Salaam, Fusion Noodle Company, and Jackie O’s. Due to my late start, I ended up delivering to Jackie O’s after the restaurant had already opened. While this was not ideal for […]

Aug 292017

I am trying out a new log format for my BWH day entries. The idea is to give a synopsis of my day followed by comments and any additional information I need to convey.   BWH Workday 8/28/17 – Monday Time                                      Activity 8 am – 8:30 am                 Morning check-in 8:30 am – 10 am                Washed […]

Aug 112017

Description of document: The following document is a synopsis of information from the Athens’ Own (AO) intern website pages dedicated to describing AO interns’ “Internship Logs” and guidelines for composing these logs.   3 Main Purposes for the Internship Log Tracking – Logs help interns to record, remember and reflect on what they have done […]

Aug 112017

PR | 8/11/17 Last Sunday, 8/6, Constantine posed a question to me along the lines of “Imagine a door that calls you to open it. What does it look like to you? What form would it take and how would it be presented? On paper? A digital representation?”. I had many thoughts about how the […]