Sep 072017

Thursday 9/7/27


Morning – 0800-1130


  • Finishing yesterday’s bWh delivery (transporting gasoline and distilled water to appropriate locations)
  • Log writing and posting (based off yesterdays events)
  • Meeting with Con (C) about delegation to bWh to contribute to work party focused on invasive plant management
    • PR delegated to bWh, Kathy (K) is incident commander.

Lunch – 1130-1200


  • Meeting with K to discuss my role in invasive plant management event
    • PR to clarify specifics of delegation to bWh w/C
    • PR to be educated on brush cutter operation
    • PR to be familiarized with manageable unit of the day (stilt grass management area)
    • PR to begin bWh mapping project, using the stilt grass management area as a warm-up

  Afternoon – 1200-1630


  • Check-in w/ C and K about my delegation to bWh for the day
  • Way-point collection with GPS following K to establish boundary of stilt grass management area
  • Verification of Stilt Grass identification ability
  • Brush cutter education (Brush cutter was not used, neither K not I could get it started)
  • Compost (helped collect and dump compost, loaded trailer with hay for compost bin)
  • Garden work (pulling invasive grasses)



bWh mapping project: I was weary of starting the mapping project as I felt I was relatively unclear of what K was looking for. Based off further explanation and a walk-through, K helped me to better understand the concept of the project and the specific area that was mapped today.

I will follow up with K next Monday on thoughts for going forward with the project.

CommunicationsI felt that communications between myself and K, and between myself and C went fairly well today. There were a couple issues, such as when C brought up the topic of my delegation to bWh. In this exchange, I did not get enough information to be able to clearly explain the details of the delegation to K, which then required a second meeting with C for clarification.



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  1. typo: Morning Activity, second bullet: yesterdays should be yesterday’s

    new term: way point collection (thx)

    afternoon activity: garden – invasive grasses:
    what species grass? Invasive or a noxious weed?

    I am glad that the further mapping project clarification was helpful but I suspect we have a ways to go in terms of understanding the nature of the project.

    PR: “I will follow up with K next Monday on thoughts for going forward with the project.”

    Did we follow-up on the project? Is it documented in the logs?
    Yes. 9/11/17 log provides information and next step assignment.

    Thank you for your communication improvement processes.
    I am hopeful that our strategies:
    clearing head of preconceptions and assumptions
    listening, reflecting
    SMART goal format, even if just loosely applied to remember what may be needed for a complete message, relay, request, proposal, etc., may prove helpful.

    It may also be helpful in the learning process to document what information was missing in the first attempt.

    I found this log entry to the point, easy to read and follow; thank you.

    What else should we include in the log entries, not only for documentation but also to maximize our co-learning experience?

    • Hi Kathy,

      I think it would be helpful to include common goals pursued by the days activities.

      I think this could help to solidify the idea that everything we do is related to our goals and that through continuous improvement, we can be more and more effective at pursuing those goals. I think the increase in efficiency would come through more holistic decision making and a clearer vision.

  2. Yes. Thank you.

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