Sep 112017

Workday Outline

Day: Monday       Date: 9/11/17



Time slot: 0830-1045      

Activity: Check-in


Paul and Kathy (PR and KJ) participated in a meeting covering a wide range of topics discussing personal and group goals, qualities of life, and behaviors and systems.


A recognition that a prepared agenda would be helpful to bring to Monday morning check-in meetings to help keep on track with identified goals and projects and stay within time constraints; the prepared agenda would be based off followups from the previous Monday’s events, running project updates, and feedback on bWh related work activities. Another result is that PR recognizes the importance of development of conversation redirection skills.


Time slot: 1045-1100

Activity: Break




Time slot: 1100-1400   

Activity: GIS Project update, dialog on running tasks, dialog on shared goals for AO, bWh, PR and KJ


PR and KJ discussed the bWh GIS Project by itself but also as it related keeping to other running projects and a need to improve task management and accountability.


PR agreed to clarify how he saw his role as part of the bWh mapping project, either in a leadership position as project co-manager or as a project technician in a more applied role.



Time slot: 1400-1600

Activity: Preparations for rain from Hurricane Irma


PR brought in household items as well as tools before rain. PR also transferred invasive plant matter from golf cart trailer to burn pile located near the the north-west cornerof the forest opening along the driveway.


Preparations were made for incoming rain.





  • bwH sub-log topic has been covered by KJ and addressed for now
  • PBW info. has been recorded and will be sent to KJ for entry in bWh manual
  • PR contacted Athens Hocking Recycling about coated milk cartons and gave KJ update. Issue is still being pursued.

  6 Responses to “9/11/17 – BWH Day”

  1. KJ reviewed log entry.
    Thank you for your prompt completion of the log entry and the utilization of the work day assignment template.
    KJ has now read all log entries, copied and pasted info into separate documents and will create a document that outlines main points, assignments, etc.
    A document will also be created that will be able to be utilized as a ‘check-in’ agenda to help the bWh team complete projects while always moving toward collective goals as identified and clarified.
    Many thanks!

    • Thank you for your hard work in all of this KJ, I am looking forward to the improvements in group process that come from it.

      • Thank you Paul.
        Are there any particular group process improvements that you would like to manifest?
        Communicative clarity was one we spoke about; will give thought to others.
        BTW, I do not regard my interactions with you as hard work.
        It is a pleasure to get to know you while deepening our understanding of each other and our team.
        I believe the logs are helpful as we pursue continuous improvement processes.
        My primary challenge involves time management; but I’m working on it. 🙂
        Thank you for all you contribute to this team process.
        I hope you find it helpful on your journey.

        • Hi KJ,

          Really, it boils down to the communicative clarity.

          I have some personal opportunities for improvement that I am working on that will hopefully help the process as well.


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