Jan 122017

Kelly Fernandez 1/11/17 Although a priority does need to remain on one constantly evaluating their progress toward their vision and manifesting their quality of life, service manifests on taking time to listen and pay attention to the vision and quality of life for others, still emphasizing the quality of life of those not born yet […]

Jan 042017

Kelly Fernandez 1/4/2017 When discussing process with Kathy and Constantine, Kathy first looked up a dictionary definition of process: “a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end”. Process can be examined and carried out in many different scenarios. Constantine was using Pantsuit Nation to teach me an example of […]

Dec 202016
Social Sustainability and Ginseng

On Monday December 19, 2016 at approximately 11:45am I entered Constantine and Kathy’s home and was greeted with eggs, sausage, bread and butter. I began discussing updates and feelings towards my internship with Community Food Initiatives. These thoughts and feelings were guided towards communication and observations within my experience. There is something exhilarating about leaving […]

Dec 152016

Conscious decision making requires the simple sequence of constructive thought prior to making a choice. Holistic management highlights this sequence and provides a set of testing questions, all of which could apply or not apply to particular decision making processes. The testing questions include identifying the root cause of a problem, the weak links within […]

Nov 102016

During Community Food Initiatives’ Donation Station distribution on Friday October 28, I got to unexpectedly speak with Constantine. We began talking about my residency at Ohio University’s eco house. The eco house is part of the sustainability department of Ohio University. The house itself is a tool to guide one’s lifestyle towards sustainability, along with […]

Nov 042016

In pursuit of my social work education, I am currently enrolled in Dynamics of Human Behavior at Ohio University (SW 3701). I have recently learned of Family Resilience Perspective*. This would be a lens that a social worker would use post family distress. This perspective “seeks to identify and strengthen family processes that allow families to […]