Dec 152016

Examining my whole was a strange process for me since being on my own. It is strange to know that I am now the decision-maker of my whole. My resource base is however plentiful, beginning with my mother in Westerville, Ohio, my old Evergreen Hills neighborhood community in Granville, Ohio, my house in Athens, Ohio, my Grandma Mary in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, my sister Stephani in Boyton Beach, Florida, my sister Jessica in Delray Beach, Florida, my Spirit of Kairos community all over the country, my Taco Dans community in all over the world, my mom’s car, my car, ICS training, advocacy training, trauma informed care training, motivation, Athens community, passion, teamwork experience, and individual experience. Money is another strange aspect to analyze because of my being near the end of my bachelor’s degree in college and I am paying for my own education. My money resources are currently the Ohio University work study employment with Community Food Initiatives salary, OULN operator salary, savings, bank, federal, and private loans.

Creating my holistic goal was a very thought provoking process. I felt as though my mind was racing with different images with if/ands/or buts, all different realities that would make me happy in all sorts of different ways. I tried focusing on ideas that dwell most often with me throughout my most present time frame.

As of now, for my quality of life…

I want to live a humble life. I want to coexist. I want natural human healing powers to be manifested. I want open space for thought. I want to have fun. I want to lead. I want a loving atmosphere. I want open space for healing. 

Behaviors and Systems to achieve this quality of life…

Know the significance of one’s ego versus one’s spirit. Remain within a constant learning process towards sustainability. Talk to trees, as well as others, and listen. Listen to the heart and remain open-minded. Remain welcoming and communicate with resources. Ask questions. Give. Be vulnerable.

My Vision…

We will create open space for healing by setting our intentions towards connection and self reflection by starting with personal vulnerability. 

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