Oct 182013

This log is more updates since my last log on 10-3. Besides things like more solo Seaman’s deliveries, another solo Athens’ farmers market, I did another OU mini farmers market, this time with four types of cheese: the regular 6 month plus 9 month, 2 year and 4 year. It was a bit slower than even the last mini market but I think it was worthwhile even as just advertising, especially for the cheese, seeing as how we can’t sell it at the regular Athens’ farmers market, so any chance to sell it is a good one. The next day (Saturday 12th) I went up to Columbus, solo, for the Athens Fest at the Hills Market, Downtown. We were invited to come up and sample out the bologna of ours that they have for sale up there. Besides the sausage and the other stuff I needed, I also took up some of the cheese, a bit of each, again 6 mo, 9mo, 2 yr and 4 yr for Amanda to try and see if that wanted to start carrying it. Besides all those things, we collaborated with Crumbs a bit in that I would take up their shipment of crackers instead of them UPSing it up there. I also sampled out the crackers on our table with our sausage and the cheese. As for the event itself, it went well, I think. It was not as wildly attended as we or Amanda had hoped, but it still went well. All the people enjoyed the sausage, cheese and crackers. Many people took business cards or the online store cards, saying they would check it out. A couple of the sausages we had out were also bought, so that’s a plus too.

This Saturday (tomorrow) we are also doing something a little different. A friend of Constantines, Gonzo, who used to cook at the Wild Horse Cafe in Pomeroy Ohio. He is working with us, making a new demi-glace with our beef. Tomorrow at the farmer’s market, he will be using that glace in a made-fresh-at-market beef stroganoff, which we will then be selling. In order to make it, he will be going thru the market looking for the other ingredients that he needs, like the noodles. It should be fun.

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