Apr 082020

4/8/2020 Robert Urie

Creating a management inventory is the first step in the Holistic Management goal setting process. Three components to consider in this process are the decision makers, the resource base at their disposal, and available money.

Some assets I have in my inventory will include a good work ethic, a vehicle/tools, kindness, and gratitude. My love for nature and it’s well being will also be beneficial to me in my holistic decision making process. I also look forward to working with the other decision makers in the community to gain better insight on how this process works. I believe I have a lot to offer in regards to this process. My service to others is another key asset I can offer.

Key questions to ask along the way:

  • Who makes the decisions?
  • Who influences are decisions?
  • Whom do we affect or influence?
  • What possessions do we rely on and can offer?

Who are the primary decision makers?

  • Land owners of Broadwell Hill Learning Center
  • Surrounding community
  • Mother Nature
  • Family


  • Tools/Truck
  • Community Associations
  • Broadwell Hill Learning Center
  • Family and Friends

Money Available?

  • Small Savings
  • Value of assets such as tools and vehicle
  • Money will need to be set aside for insurance, savings, and personal needs.

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