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Posted by S, 3/22/17, 8:14 AM

Good morning Constantine! I was just wondering if you had found the right candidate for your position? I’m not sure if you would even consider me,but I have been thinking a lot about your role in this community. If you were willing, I would love to talk to you about it and see if it is something that we could work together on. Let me know your thoughts. Smile and enjoy your day!

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  1. Posted By Constantine, 3/22/17, ~10 AM

    I’m honored.
    Are you comfortable approaching this opportunity as an experiential learning internship, 1) so that this journey might be of greater benefit to others, 2) we can utilize a system already in place, 3) it might offer both of us a more effective exploration of abilities, goals, availability, and passions, that transcends the typical job engagement.

    Any chance you have read any of the or interns. web sites?

    • Posted by S, 3/24/17, 10:41 AM

      Hey there Constantine. After reading all of the information and taking time to digest it. I am not so sure that I’m the man for your position. Don’t get me wrong, I love what you do in and around our community. I personally am kind of a Luddite and it sounds like you’re looking for someone a bit more technically savvy. Hopefully you find the right person because it is an outstanding thing that you do for Athens and surrounding areas. Peace

  2. Posted by Constantine 3/24/27, ~11 AM

    Sure, thanks for the update. More the question, given the wealth of insight available on the intern logs, is what you could see yourself doing with your strengths more than what you may not be able to do with perceived shortcomings.
    Picture yourself, with your family “in tow”, knocking on the door of a post-apocalyptic survival outpost, making the case of the unique value that you might possibly bring to the enclave.
    Of course, I understand if you have no interest in this exploration.
    I should advise you that if we move forward, this dialog will be transposed to, and continued as, a log on the site so others may benefit from it as well.

    • Posted by S, 3/24/17, ~11:30 AM

      I do have plenty of interest in the services you provide and the all-around idea of growing community. I am, A people person. Always have been. I thoroughly enjoy being the “go to guy.” It is pretty much all I know and have done throughout my adult life. I enjoy physical labor,it is what keeps one alive and alert and in tune with one’s body. for 15 years I had a class B CDL and basically ran an operation for a close friend, Where I was the “go to guy.” Our paths just began to go separate ways and almost ruined that close personal friendship because of. There is a reason that I have been here since 1989. I originally came here for a two year degree and fell in love with the people, the area and the vibe that go along with Athens. If you have a needfor someone with said qualities within your business/community I would wholeheartedly give you 110%…Just some thoughts and some insight to the person I am.

  3. Posted by Constantine, 3/24/17, ~12 PM

    Pause Button::
    Have you ever been on a (web-page) blog to read it and/or respond?
    Do you do FaceBook at all?
    2 questions.
    Have you ever been on a (web-page) blog to read it and/or respond?
    Do you do FaceBook at all?

  4. Posted by S, 3/24/17, ~1 PM

    I do Facebook. Blog not so much. There are very few things that I am outspoken about aside from love and happiness. I try to let people be themselves without interfering in their thoughts. Each one of us is made up differently and I try not to interject,unless asked. People have their reasons for their beliefs and thoughts that go much deeper than one can understand just by reading the cover. I try to respect each and every person’s lifestyle,even if I disagree with it.
    I have a large number of friends that I completely and utterly disagree with. Whether it is religious belief, political belief or views of life. I am not a combative person, nor confrontational. I try to find the ties that bind rather than the differences that divide and focus upon those

  5. cf 1:15
    I am inquiring on your being able to go to the page, and able to reply.
    By the way, not just the logs, but all of our website is ‘blog’ based, using WordPress.

    S 1:20
    That is what I meant by being technically illiterate. I do not know what word press is.

    CF 1:25
    Can you go to a webpage and respond to a blog, which is kind of what you do when you open Facebook and reply to a post?

    S 1:30
    I would imagine I could. Can’t say that I have tried

    CF 1:35
    Are you able to reply on this page?

    Fill in your name and email where requested,. Check the box to be notified of followup comments via e-mail.
    And hit ‘submit comment’

    While this luddite#2 tries to figure out something regarding your “permissions” see if you can log in.

    S 1:40
    Lol ok
    I was successful! Logged back out

    CF 1:45
    As in login to

    hit the words ‘log in’ in the upper left.

    once you are logged in you can hit that circled W in the upper left, select profile, than change anything you choose, including generating a new password, then select update profile.

    S 1:50
    I kinda like the password actually:)

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