May 202016

I began my day Friday by having a discussion with Kathy on the reflection I posted about my FEMA training test. I received my certification, and we were discussing the ways I applied it both to my life and to working with Athens’ Own. We talked about how you can look at the incident response […]

May 162016

The past few days with Athens’ Own we spent brain storming the ways we could get Constantine’s vision out in to the community and to help get students interested in partaking in the unique internship experience that Athens’ Own offers. With breaks to try samples of maple syrup, we had a long discussion about what […]

May 062016

I began my day at the Broadwell Hill Learning Center being greeted by Shiloh and Tala, and of course getting covered in hair as they begged for attention. Once they got their hellos, I began talking with Kathy about how she raises her worms and the concepts of verma-compost. I had never known that worms […]