Apr 132020

4/10/2020 Robert Urie

Upon my arrival at Broadwell Hill Learning Center I was placed on a 2-week quarantine due to Covid-19. I was more than content and comfortable but also looking forward to my first trip into town with Constantine. Not only was I on quarantine, but Constantine and Kathy did not travel as well. That left much to be done when Constantine and I went into town. Some of our priorities were to inventory and restock Seaman’s Grocery Store. Also we needed to package and ship items such as coffee and cashews.

With the Covid-19 pandemic we had to take extra precautions to ensure we did everything possible to limit our exposure and also our product’s exposure. Masks were worn, we carried hand sanitizer, and made sure to keep 6ft. away from others. We also made sure to double check and remind each other to sanitize as soon as we finished and returned to the vehicle. This was a standard procedure every time we left a location. I felt as though we literally did everything we could to limit exposure. It gave me a sense of pride knowing we put that much effort into ensuring our product’s safety. If every business took the steps we did I feel as though our food industry would be much safer and we could prevent future contaminations.

Learning to package coffee and mix cashews was a new experience for me; one I found enjoyable, especially the smell of those Highland Grogg coffee beans being ground up. I have never worked in food preparation before but I was pleased to see how it works on a smaller scale. I felt of service and had no doubt our products would be enjoyed. The hard work put into them will certainly pay off in customer service. That’s very important to me, it gives you a good sense of fulfillment and accomplishment, not to mention all the people I met along the way were great as well. I look forward to being more involved in such a tight knit community.

The whole day in general was a great learning experience. It gave me better perspective of what it takes to function in a community such as this. To know that I was able to be of service and help the community is the sense of purpose I have been looking for. It is a good overall feeling, one that I am privileged to have undergone. It certainly makes me look forward to future town endeavors and further learning about life here on Broadwell Hill and what it takes to support our goals and sustainability.

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