Aug 112020

Do you know anyone who’s practicing Natural Farming Or someone who had tried the method around here?

Is there any place where I can purchase unhulled short grain rice? Ideally grown in Natural Farming. But Organically grown rice are great , too.

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  1. To clarify terminology, are you using the word hull the same as the word husk? This would be important to understand what you may mean by hulling, polishing, or other steps of processing. It also may help to know if you are desiring to end up with husk (only) off brown rice for old-school traditional tetsugama very slow cooking, husk and bran off + germ still on for slightly faster haiga-mai cooking, or husk, bran, germ off polished white rice?
    Second, is Fukuoka different than Fukuyama?

  2. Yes, I am using the word hull the same as the word husk. I’d like to keep rice grain with hull(husk) to store rice longer in good condition. I’d like to hull them with huller when I use them. When I choose to have white rice or when I need rice bran to make nukazuke or Bokashi, I would polish brown rice with rice polisher, where I can choose to have 30% polished rice, 50% polished rice, 70% polished rice, white rice, or musen rice (rice you don’t need to wash before cook).

    I am excited since it’s the first time to talk to anyone who know the Japanese term Haiga Mai around here.

    I am sorry why I did not notice the mistake… I meant Fukuoka. Fukuyama is my mistake.

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