Aug 092020

This house came with fireplace where I was told that I could use log or gas. I did not know much about fireplace when I moved here so I thought I could cook and try making soap using ashes like I saw in movies. I also thought that the fireplace can heat up entire house in the way. But I learned that my fireplace is more like accessory, and It’s not made to cook in there, or meant to heat up entire house.

My house has central heating system but heated with city gas.

One of my goal is to use resource available in my yard (woods and twigs) to heat up entire house. So I’d like to figure out what’s the best way to change our house’s heating system into, real fire place, wood stove, rocket mass heating stove, or something I still don’t know about.

In terms of energy efficiency, rocket mass heating stoves is the best, second best is wood stoves, and fireplace. But I am also interested in Japanese irori, too.

Each option have pros and cons but I need to know more.

I’d like to know if it is possible to do so in my situation.
I’d also like to know if there are anyone who use rocket mass heater, woodstove, and real fireplace, and some other method.

House size is about 6000sq ft. Property size is about 1.5ac. And about the half of the property is with woods.

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    • All of your questions are most excellent inquiries. If I ask my above question in a different way, is there any content (on the requested search) that you find that seems applicable to the questions that you have posed?

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