Mar 262017

Reflecting on my balance between AO and OU education this week, my OU course load might as well have set an elephant on the scale. Trying to properly immerse myself in education outside of my studies at OU really put things in perspective for me. I would open “At Home with Holistic Management” (AHWHM) only to find myself thinking about some reading I needed to do to write a paper due at the end of the week; or, I would get through a few slides of the ICS training and then remember an online discussion I had to do for another class; like an academia addict or something.

The schedule I have created for myself has limited flexibility; I have to choose what unscheduled events I participate in wisely. Looking at it from the perspective of assignments I have, in prioritizing one assignment over another I lose sight of the whole of my workload, possibly leading to one of my other classes’ assignments being neglected which could result in overcompensation the next week which could cause another class to be neglected and so on.

This week I did not manage the flexible time in my schedule optimally and have paid the price in having very limited time to read much of AHWHM or finish my ICS training. I will aim higher for next week. Planning will be key as the academic demands only increase as the end of the semester closes in.

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  1. It is great to read of your enthusiasm and self-motivation.
    I regret that this path may have pulled you from your academic responsibilities prematurely.
    Thank you for communicating your needs and I am very thankful that you were able to successfully juggle the complex and highly dynamic system, prioritizing your responsibilities and learning to manage numerous projects.

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