Apr 112013

Today we (Alyse, Katie and myself) bagged a little coffee, bagged some cashews and packaged some honey. Once done with those things, we  went to the conference room and talked about the worker readiness certification. The main  reason for this program is because Constantine believes (and rightly so) that both high school and college don’t prepare students enough to just go out and start working. They’ll probably be able to get a job, but their education won’t have prepared them enough to be the best workers and employees that they can be. Constantine’s program then works with the student(s) to do just that: make them the best they can be. We then talked about clarifying some of the requirements and changed the wording on a few. But the main topic was to present this worker readiness certification program to the community, which includes Constantine’s family, the businesses involved with Athens’ Own and the Athens’ Own team, both current and past team members. Since none of us have this certification yet, we are looking at it as if it is an entirely new thing. We are trying to determine how the three of us will best go about getting the certification together, as a group/team. We are going to try to do it as if we were the IDEAL candidates for this program and to sort of set a good timeline in which to do it all. I hope then that we will be able to work together and to get the best out of each other for this certification.

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  1. When you say ‘get the best out of each other for this certification’, how do you see that might develop a team that, beyond the certification, is better able to work together to build community?

    • I think that if we work together now, we’ll be able to really form as a good working team. As a team, we’ll will be able to accomplish things bigger than any one of us. So not as a single AO intern for some project, but as an AO team, working together, not just for speed but also for efficiency and so on. We’ll also represent better for AO and the community as a team and not as a single person.

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