Apr 102013

Monday we did the usual bagging of coffee and cashews. We re-packaged some olives in order to get some onions and garlic better distributed. We also bought two new coolers for the sweet beef bologna which was also my first actual online purchase with a credit card.

Tuesday we did a variety of things. We first inventoried then stocked Seaman’s, for my second time. While there, we also inventoried  the AO meat section, which I hadn’t done before and required a slightly different method. After that, we went to Jackie O’s and gave them a new filter for the coffee pots to prevent them from overflowing. We also delivered chips to them as well. Once done with that, we went back to ACEnet and took the coffee maker from there and went to Bagel Street Deli uptown and swapped their maker for the one we brought. We then swapped that one with the one at Jackie O’s brewery, because that one isn’t working right, so as Constantine said, we did “the coffee machine shuffle.” All in all, a good day with new things to experience.

  2 Responses to “April 8 and 9”

  1. How do you think moving around coffee machines gave you a better understanding of the types of services Constantine provides to the community?

    • I think that it shows better how many businesses and therefore how many people in the community Constantine and Athens Own affects. Also, instead of just providing coffee and maybe a machine to make it, he is willing to provide “technical support” if needed, which not everyone can say they do.

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