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Hi Constantine! I am interested in learning more about this job opportunity, what time/schedule are you looking for?

– Immediate opportunity
– Resilience Journalist and StratCom Specialist
– 100 per approved story
– 25 per hour with AO resilience worker readiness certificate


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  1. Time?


    Both are prerequisites of resilience.

    • I’d be happy to meet with you, my schedule is very tight this semester and i can send you a copy of my reoccurring schedule upfront.
      Monday: CFI – 8:00am-11:00am
      WGSS2000 – 12:55pm-1:50pm
      ECOHOUSEMtting – 6:00p-7p
      Tuesday: SW3701 – 9:00a-10:20a
      SW3802 – 10:30a-11:50a
      WGSS3000 – 1:30p-2:50p
      GEOG3870 – 3:00p-4:24p
      SSWAMtting – 8:00p-9:00p
      Wednesday: WGSS2000 – 12:55p-1:50p
      OULNOperating – 5:30p-6:30p
      KAIROSMtting – 7:00p-10:30p
      Thursday: SW3701 – 9:00a-10:20a
      SW3802 – 10:30a-11:50a
      WGSS3000 – 1:30p-2:50p
      GEOG3870 – 3:00p-4:25p
      OULNOperating – 5:45p-9:00p
      Friday: CFI – 8:00a-11:00a
      WGSS2000 – 12:55p-1:50p
      OULNOperatorMtting – 4:00p-5:00p
      Saturday: CFI – 9:00a-1:00p
      Sunday: KAIROS – 9:00p-10:00-

      I have time with a computer and for classwork during my ouln operating time.

      • We X-12:30, 2:30-5
        Th NA
        Fr >5:30
        Sa >1:30
        Su. >10:30

        Am I reading potential availability correctly?

        • Yes.

        • So, question is how much is available after appropriate allotment for studies, etc.?

          • I would say 8 hours, but how long would you want someone in this position? My plate is seemingly full this semester, my internship with cfi is of sure importance to me, however my second job of ouln operating is a more temporary position that i am just more familiar with equipment for. My interest is high with the position you are offering.

  2. OK


    What are you looking for?

    I shall hand you 5 votes to score the following as relates to your interest, whether those referenced above, or a more inclusive spectrum. You may use those 5 any way you choose.

    I am looking for

    – An adventure

    – A job

    – A learning experience

    – All of the above

    – None of the above

  3. And I will answer the question regarding how long.

    If you continue to demonstrate to community that you are worth investing in, then?how long? becomes more and more a paying educational adventure with an open timeline.

    • Okay i agree with that

    • Question.

      Until you have achieved our resilience worker readiness certification, are you comfortable with considering yourself as entering AO resilience internship?

      • Yes, if my schedule appears to not seem too demanding for that internship.

        • Orienting towards shared goals and outcomes rather than hours and scheduling may be of help; for instance, finishing an assignment that is approved for accuracy, thoroughness, and of course, spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.

      • Have you had occasion to visit our internship pages yet?

        • I Actually looked a couple of months back when you showed me the website, id like to sit down and look again too.

          • Please enter here and take notes, including questions, broken links, etc.

          • I was just reading from the page, and thinking about it, things that I have written that I feel that I can bring are: loyalty, patience, positivism, networking skills, compromise, advocacy skills, ethics and values mindfulness, and patient listening. Community Food Initiatives and Athens, Ohio community in general have my deepest loyalty since I have been in contact with them. Aspects/skills that I would like to expand on are: finances, DIY/Repairs, holistic management skills, further communication skills, computer/web skills, and I would really desire learning macro social work with social sustainability skills in holistic management.

            I also read some of the logs from past interns which are very helpful and inspiring. I noticed a couple of them discussing the time commitment of the internship, however, they both talked about your flexibility and understanding with students.
            OCT 4TH, 1:29PM

            I am also interested in developing my skills of a deeper learning of the community of Athens, Athens County, as well as Athens Township.

          • Understood, and commendable.

          • Thank you

      • When you are ready to submit writings, be it comments, questions, etc., your log awaits you. Keep in mind the format for comments and replies, and create multiple post if you think it will facilitate better comprehension for others to follow and for topic lookup for tags and search engines.


        – Post
        – Add new
        – Enter title
        – Enter text
        – Under categories, check Kelly’s Internship Log
        FYI, one can check multiple categories, and the post will show up under all categories that are checked.
        – Submit for review
        – pm me that you have submitted a post so it can be reviewed and published asap

        Second, when you are ready, please follow the online link for submit application.

        • In progress!

          • I have officially submitted my application.

          • Ausa ummm.
            And very interesting that I have not received a notification email from the site.

            Thanks for helping identify a glitch in our applications notifications.
            Have you attempted to log in with the un and pw yet?

          • I have and that worked

          • I wish I had gotten a copy of At Home With Holistic Management in your hands.
            Possibly I can leave one somewhere for you.
            In the meantime,
            Do you have some time available between now and noon to follow the ics101 link and complete that initial online orientation?

            Focus at this time should be more on the core infrastructure ish part rather that guvment.

          • I wont be able to do it finish it before noon because i have a class and a paper that i need to finish first. However, i looked up the link and took a look at the first part of the orientation and i took notes. I can work at it over the next couple of days

          • Great.
            You are moving more quickly than I had anticipated, but I am not surprised.

          • Thank you for saying that.

          • The ics training and hm workbook will allow you to get some fundamental building blocks as your schedule permits.

          • Okay sounds good.
            I have completed the ICS 101 and after completing, they said that to take final exam you can no longer use ssn to take final exam, one must register for an SID number so I am now doing that.

          • If that takes you in to uncomfortable territory, I’d rather not do that.

          • No worries, it was easy to register.

          • Can’t believe I forgot the workbook for hm.
            I’ll shoot for Saturday to at least get it to ACEnet.

          • That sounds great

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