About our Internships


An internship with Athens’ Own is a learning journey from day 1. We strive to help our interns continually expand their knowledge and real-world experience while working together to embrace our local community and build resilience. Below are some general FAQs and links to sites which further explain our internship program, the Athens’ Own team, and our vision.




What will I be doing as an intern?

Anything and everything! We are looking for people who will arrive day 1 and say: Here’s who I am and what I know, how can I help? We may not be able to tell you exactly what you will be doing each and every day, but we always have something that needs done! If you have a skill you want to expand, an expertise in something, or a new concept you want to learn, we can guarantee we will put you to work doing something that will be rewarding. That might mean videotaping a presentation, helping local businesses advertise, working on the farm, writing articles, or anything else! To get an idea of the kinds of things our current interns are working on, please check out the current interns’ work logs on our main site: www.athensown.biz/interns


How long do Athens’ Own internships last?

There are no set start or end dates for our internships. We can work with your schedule. However, we will give preference to those who are able to remain in the Athens’ area for a long time.


What will I get out of this internship?

You have the opportunity to earn our unique Worker Readiness Certification, which is our guarantee to future employers that an employee is the best of the best, and can keep up with a modern business’s innovation, ideas, and creativity. You will also gain deeper insight into the community network, and learn many new skills, while working with a team which is dedicated to building a stronger community.


What are some of the things I will learn as an intern?

We will help you evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses, and assign you tasks to help you improve areas which you need help with. You will also learn many real-world business and resilience skills, such as finances, DIY/repairs, communications, computer/ web skills, and much more.


Athens’ Own Guiding Principles:


Holistic Management:

We use Holistic Management as a business strategy, to help keep our company focused on the big picture. It also provides us with a framework and a reference to help make decisions. Specifically, we use the program in Ann Adam’s book, At Home with Holistic Management. This book is available for rent or purchase through Athens’ Own, or you can find it on amazon.com.


Incident Command Systems:

We use the Incident Command System as model for organizing communications, personnel, and resources in our business. This system was originally developed by firefighters as a response strategy, and was later adopted by the FEMA as a universal disaster response organizational system. We require all our interns to complete at least the introductory course, ICS 100. You can find the course here: ICS 100


If you have any other questions about an Athens’ Own internship, please leave a comment on this page. If you are interested in applying for an internship, please make sure you have familiarized yourself with all the information both on this page and www.athensown.biz, and follow the links at the top of this page to go to the application page.


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  1. I am just asking if Athens’ Own is still accepting applications for summer interns, specifically a Communications Intern! I am looking forward to hearing back on such an amazing opportunity!
    Thank you,
    CJ Riggs

    • Yes, Ms Riggs, we are still accepting applications for summer 2015, and we look forward to speaking with you further. Your own internship log will be installed soon, and feel free to direct additional questions there

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