Jun 282016

Assigned to Halley Davidson by Collaborator Kathy Jacobson

                Specific: Create a template for posts that would be applicable for me and future interns so that when creating a new document there is a SMART format to help readers and collaborators.

                Measurable: Use SMART to create bullet points, and complete by the end of the work day on June 28, 2016.

                Attainable: Was concluded there was a reasonable amount of time in the work day, factoring in distractions, for the intern to complete the assignment.

                Relevant: This is relevant because it implicates Athens’ Own management systems in to logs to makes a more distinguishable and usable log format for readers.

                Timeliness: Was discussed that assignment would be completed before the intern left before 4 o’clock on Tuesday June 28, 2016.


This assignment was given to me by Kathy as part of an intern process to create a usable template for log posts. She thought, and I whole heartedly agreed, that it would be useful to create an intro/header that was uniform for each post. This would be useful to help keep track of the SMART assignments that interns are getting, and makes it easier for possible readers to understand what the assignment’s goal was and what information the interns are receiving from Athens’ Own and Broadwell Hill.

A template method will become extremely useful because it provides a path for clear communication on assignments. It could become possible for the SMART request header to be approved before the assignment is started so that everyone knows there hasn’t been a miscommunication on deadlines or what is expected.

This will be especially useful when I decide to share my log with future employers. They may read a title like “Research” and not have a clear description of what the assignment was. Titles can be so vague without a proper introduction, so creating a SMART introduction template helps the reader have background information before reading.

I created bullets of the individual SMART concepts, and also provided a statement on who the project is from and whom it is for. For the SMART topics, the goal is to provide a simple sentence about how the assignment follows those guidelines to allow for precision and clarity, as well as help the writer have a way to catalog initial thoughts before completing the assignment.

Template for Intern Logs Introductory Header


Assigned to WRITER by WHOM

                Specific: write a clear a specific description of the assignment. The WHAT.

                Measurable: include measurable facts about the project (word count, necessary inclusion. Etc.) The                                        HOW.

                Attainable: Conclude if the assignment was reasonable and able to be completed by writer.

                Relatable: how does this apply to your internship? The WHY.

                Timeliness: When was this assigned and when should it be completed by? Will it still be relevant if                                          completed in that time frame? The WHEN.

Jun 282016

6/28/16  Assignment: Intern Log Template

  • From:  K. Jacobson (kj) intern mentor
  • To:  H. Davidson, Intern

SMART request:

  • Specific:
    • Create draft Intern Log Template
    • Apply template to one log entry
  • Measurable:
    • Template will include:
      • Header for standardized business communique
      • Topic, title, From, To, Dates (assigned, submitted, reviewed, revisions)
      • SMART assignment format:
        • S: specific
        • M: measurable
        • A: attainable
        • R: related
        • T: time delineated
      • Narrative section
  • Attainable:
    • Intern confirms she has the skills and resources needed to complete assignment
  • Time:
    • 6/28/16  H.D. confirms ability to complete assignment
    • 6/28/16 H.D. submits to K.J. for review
    • 6/29/16 K. J. review
    • 6/30/16 K.J. to Constantine Faller (cf)
    • 7/2/16 C.F. provides feedback, further instructions




Jun 212016

unWhen I first learned about Athens’ Own, I was excited that I had found a local opportunity for an internship. I read through parts of the website and got excited about the work they were doing. When reading over the application questions, I felt inspired to write down my passions and was full of ideas for ways I could help the Athens’ community and to get some real marketing experience. As an RA, I would already have a free place to live and some income if I was accepted in to the program, so I wouldn’t have a lot to worry about while in Athens for the whole summer.

The night I found out that I would have an opportunity to work with Athens’ Own was the night of my parents’ annual big Christmas party. I was surrounded by OU alumni and family members and lots of family friends, who all shared in the excitement of me getting my first internship. Only a day or two later I had the At Home with Holistic Management workbook ordered, and was preparing to move back to Athens for the Spring semester. While ideally, I would have loved to get started as soon as possible, my time commitments and hard course work ended up pushing back the real beginning of my internship until May, though I worked on a few side projects.

When I first started with Athens’ Own, I was hoping to get real world experience that would be a great resume booster and that also provided a different angle than the internships I applied to that would have been in faraway cities with rent costs. I was also extremely excited to see a new side of Athens County, because I have loved Athens for a very long time but have never really been on the business side. I was excited to see what creative advertising and event coordination projects I could do that would potentially be helpful for Athens, and also for my portfolio

After getting to know the program and getting well acquainted with Constantine and Kathy, I don’t think that my goals have changed. I am still really excited to get to participate in a program that emphasizes preparedness and community wellness, but that thinks that economic wellness is a great part of that. Growing up with liberal parents who spent a lot of time teaching me the value of passion and hard work, and being up to new challenges, has helped me along this journey as I’ve tried new things and learned a lot about sustainability and resilience, and about the world in general.

I never could have imagined I would spend the majority of my intern time learning and having well educated and deep conversations about the world and politics. I love that I am allowed to share my opinions and that everyone is open to learn from each other. Though sometimes it’s hard to commit five weekdays to being at the internship, and then a few hours at home working on materials, especially because it’s my first summer where I am not just goofing around and serving Skyline Chili, I still have that same excitement I had in December when I got the email from Constantine asking when I could get started.

Jun 212016

When looking at the Athens’ Own Worker readiness Certification, one of the first items you see on the list is Writing, or more specifically “Strong Writing Abilities, including Spelling.” As a brand new intern applicant, I thought I had submitted an excellent cover letter and application; one free of mistakes. But after my first few conversations with Constantine, he pointed out that there were some distinguishable flaws in my writing especially in the area of spelling and grammar. He recommended I take the time to visit some of the on campus resources that help improve resumes and cover letters, and while I was still in classes, this could act as a first project for my internship.

At first, I didn’t want to believe there was anything wrong with my application. I had spent a lot of time working on building my resume and had read over my cover letter so often that I assumed it was perfect. But after using my campus resources, I realized that there really had been some little mistakes that I had blinded myself to because I had read the materials so many times.

I think that to become a well-developed writer you need to be able to see those little mistakes, and be able to self-correct, but I also think it’s important to take the time to have others look over your work to help you find those mistakes. After the semester ended and I began working on Athens’ Own writing assignments, this became even truer for me. Having Constantine there to check my work before I submitted it meant that I was getting that extra look over before it got published. But I was starting to get embarrassed that each time I wrote something, I had so many little mistakes that were just caused by me rushing the assignment or by me not taking the time to proofread my own work. So I decided that from that point on, it was more important for me to submit as flawless a piece of writing as I could before Con would see it, so that his proofreading would be more big picture, rather than fixing the little things I knew how to fix myself.

I think that the definition of Writing in the Worker Readiness Cert should also be broader than just grammar and spelling. I think it should be that initiative to work through your own work to make sure that you are submitting your best writing possible, each time you write. Even for things as simple as a Facebook post or an email to a friend, your best work should be what you put out in to the world, while not forgetting that having someone help look for the details you might be blind to is still an invaluable tool.

Jun 212016

Last week I was able to have the wonderful opportunity to go to Bonnaroo Music festival with some of my lovely high school friends. This was my first music festival, and I was extremely excited and felt blessed that my friends had invited me along. I was also a tad nervous though. After checking weather reports and looking in to the camping situation, I realized I was about to be in the 100 degree sun for five days with seven boys, some of whom almost didn’t remember to pack a pillow. But as the fun days at the camp  passed I started to realize that even though I was taking a break from assignments with Athens’ Own, that I was still exercising a lot of the habits that I have been acquiring all along in internship. I like to think of it as a Survival Kit that I carry with me wherever I go.

The first I thing from my kit I used was research and life-long learning. When I decided to attend the festival, the first thing I did was scour the Bonnaroo website looking for information about camping supplies, provided facilities, and lists of activities. I wanted to make sure that I knew everything possible to be safe and have a great time while there. While browsing, I also came across some information about their sustainability efforts, which caught my interest as well. I learned about the ways they promote low waste and low environmental effects at the farm where the event is held.

The second thing I brought with me from my Athens’ Own survival pack was preparedness for incidents. While I’ll always have my FEMA training in the back of my head, there was also a moment where I realized that spending five days at a camp could bring with it a lot of little emergencies. It was then that I thought to stop by the dollar store and to build a little camping first aid kit. I also picked up a few very large reusable water jugs that could be filled and left at camp if someone ever needed water and didn’t have someone to walk the distance to the refill station.

The last thing I brought with me was general wonder and the desire to share the things I’ve learned along the way. Similar to Alyse’s story about the “Ripple Effect” of teaching people new things and making an impact, I took the time to tell anyone who was interested in all of the different efforts that Bonnaroo was making to keep everyone safe and keep the environment safe too. I also wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of all of the safety measures they could take to make their weekend safer, even if it was just to help them get sunblock on their back.

My time at Bonnaroo was so much fun and everyone there was so kind and generous, it really was like living in a community that was focused on the wellness of others. Everyone made the effort to say hello to people and to make sure they had water, or people were even were willing to share food or supplies. I think that it was a great learning opportunity for me to see the real benefits f putting in action some of the things I have learned at Athens’ Own. And I will continue to bring my Survival Kit with me wherever I go.

Jun 212016
  • A response to an unknown or a question regarding a situation or topic. In this response, a person will attempt to answer the question, or complete enough data searching that there is a limited amount of error to their personal understanding of the topic.
  • Is not limited to a certain time frame, but is expected as a part of a lifelong commitment to learning. This means that the person is always ready to learn more and to adapt to situations by continuing research.

Methods of Research:


  1. Using a theoretical question to build a hypothesis, and to then complete experiments and read past data to prove or disprove the hypothesis.
  2. Completed using the scientific method to asses and current situation and its weak links to attempt improvement.


  1. When entering an unfamiliar location, one can be expected to acquire the necessary amount of information in order to perform well within that situation.
  2. As the move through the situation, being able to adapt to new information and to continue on the path of learning.


  1. When starting a professional job or project, making sure that the person understands the goals and history of their customer or employer creates a more productive and less redundant work environment.
  2. Includes reading provided materials, but also taking personal initiative to scope out possible supportive documentation, and to become familiar with the methods used in that business. (Communication software, specific training requirements, management methods, etc.)
Jun 212016

After taking the time to first identify the importance of research, and then to create a definition of research, I have spent time reading up on Athens’ Own to become well acquainted with their history by completing research that will be imperative for my internship. While conducting this research, I have been reading information that has been provided to me by Constantine in his Google Drive Folder. Some of these documents include Excel sheets with prices and product lists, documents with descriptions and regulations for the food packaging and production, and other article containing a wide range of useful information and photos.

I made copies of certain documents that I thought would particularly useful in a marketing situation, and even uploaded some information that I have stored on my computer that I thought could be a beneficial addition to the Athens’ Own Drive. Later on I even printed some documents that I though could be beneficial resources for me to have on hand as I work through my journey with Athens’ Own.

This project of reading up on Athens’ Own has been extremely beneficial especially after talking about how research is so essential. I am now applying and seeing firsthand how useful it is to have read already completed and shared information. Now, if I have a specific question about product pricing I don’t need to ask Constantine, that information has already been published in an easy to rad format in the Drive.

The next step for me is to go through the website and to acquire even more background information on Athens’ Own. Though I have read the majority of the Intern Page, there are so many beneficial pieces of writing done by Alyse and others who have worked with Athens’ Own that I think will only stand to boost my abilities to work with Constantine and Kathy.

Jun 202016

Intern: Halley Davidson

Facilitator: Constantine Faller

Assignment: Use SMART Goal tool to document with explanation the assignments for the last 5 internship assignments.

Date Received: June 20th, 2016


  • S – Specific
  • M – Measurable
  • A – Attainable
  • R – Related
  • T – Timeliness

Purpose: My internship experience so far, making use of 5 most current writing assignments.

  • Specific:
    1. Follow up report of assignment to acquire a working familiarity* with Athens’ Own Google Docs and website.
    2. The Athens’ Own Experience: How AO internship experience came with me to Bonnaroo.
    3.  Looking at my cover letter and early intern logs, what do I want from my internship? Then and now?
    4. Write my personal thoughts on writing and its relevance to the Worker Readiness Certification.
    5. Add Athens’ Own Holistic Goals and My Holistic Goals to the Resilience Worker Readiness Certificate Excel Spread Sheet.
  • Measurable:
    • Complete to be ready for publishing on Athens’ Own intern site.
    • Work is comprehensive for others, determined through feedback loops and comments.
  • Attainable: I believe that I have the abilities, time and resources to complete the assignments.
  • Related: These 5 assignments will help to present, clarify and enrich the experiences that I have had in my internship so far with Athens’ Own. Also will help to direct future goals of the internship.
  • Timeliness: Complete all five assignments by noon on June 21st, 2016.


As an ongoing attempt to improve the processes of publishing intern logs, Constantine, Kathy and I have began working on using SMART goals as an assignment request template. The above is a first attempt to see how to implicate the SMART format to make sure that assignments are clear and efficiently report their purpose to a reader before that reader would begin reading the actual assignment. This post specifically is taking a look back at the last 5 assignments given to me, and making sure that there is a way for log readers and collaborators to understand what was being assigned. This post format is still a work in progress, but it was important to post this list in order for collaborators to have a clear understanding of the logs they are reviewing in order to move forward with future tasks.

*Working Familiarity includes having read every document, and while not having memorized the entirety of the information, the reader is aware of all presented information and would be able to find desired info if it needed to be sourced.

Jun 032016

After conversations with both Constantine and Kathy about the importance of knowing your stuff before beginning an experience, they asked me to take the time to define research, and to elaborate on the importance of reading the possible materials presented to you.

To define research, I first thought of the countless research projects that I have encountered during my time as a student. It typically begins with an unknown topic or question of interest and the research is the solution to these unknown factors. For example, you are given the prompt “What event(s) lead to the beginning of the Cold War?” Your research would then try to answer this question by using history and author based writings that could answer the question fully.

I think that as I have grown, research has acquired a larger definition than simply academic research. Answering basic questions, like “What, why, how?” may simply better your personal or team growth. Though it is not a direct question, taking the time to research a new city you are going to can prove invaluable. Or when you are starting a new job or project, making sure that you are well acquainted with the factors of that work makes your job easier and clearer.

In Harry Potter, Hermione was always teased for reading. She spent the majority of her free time in the library, and had read all of their coursework before even attending a single class at Hogwarts. However, time and time again, this proved to be an extremely useful way for her to spend her time, because she always had happened to have read the perfect spell or potion while pandering about the library. Specifically, the night she was paralyzed, she had been sitting waiting with a mirror, knowing it would keep her from dying when the Basilisk came to hunt her down.

I think this is a great metaphor for research, because without the information about a situation you’re in, you can be left without the power to control your portion in that situation. I think in regards to Athens’s Own, and especially as a future marketing professional, knowing your customer or who you’re working for gives you a leg up and a chance for you to impress them with your knowledge of their past. It’s like the saying that says you can’t decide where you are going without knowing where you’ve been. For Athens’ Own, if I don’t understand their mission and holistic goal, how can I possibly help them move forward with their mission?

I think that this plays very well in to Holistic Management, and how taking the time for each individual to write their holistic goal, and then for others to take the time to read and learn what they can about teammates means that people will be able to work together to the best of their ability. Knowing who you are working with and each other’s individual goals sets you up for the success because you can work together to create an achievable team goals, and support each other in individual endeavors.

Jun 022016

Con and I were chatting about the different things I think of when I think of Local. We created a list, which is as follows.

  1. “Community”:
  • Members
  • Geographic community: the people who live close to you (farmers market, neighborhood, school district.)
  • Relationships: The people with whom you interact within your geographic location. (Friends, family, classmates, coworkers)
  • Situational Community: Those you interact with by coincidence, or by necessity.
  1. Location:
  • County
  • State
  • Regional
  • Situational
  1. Groups
  • Political groups
  • Clubs
  • Sports
  • Culture/Religion
  1. Businesses:
  • Local Businesses with Local Products
  • Local Businesses with non-local Products

Our thoughts for this discussion were that while I start working on my graphics and any Athens’ Own project, making sure I have a good understanding of what Local is and how it plays in to everything I do. It’s also important that when you are working to share a message that you understand well enough that you can convey that message to others. That way if I am trying to get a conversation started with my community, like Ohio University Students, and they ask a question like “What is Local? How can I help?” I know exactly what to tell them to make the most impact and to give them correct information to pass on to the people in their community as well.