Nov 092019

Jasmine Koon

This farmers market I started at seven am and we loaded up and was on our way there Constantine was talking about his old ford and how the truck would shut off and he had to fix it every week is different and I love that. Constantine is also very generous there was the fire department there with the boot drive for families in needs and he told me to run over there to give them money. He also showed me and I did hands-on how to make his famous hot cashews. I wore my first respirator and had gloves clear up to my shoulder which was a fun experience I also did more hands-on with washing the giant dishes that were used. I think that’s the best thing about this internship it’s a different experience every week.

Oct 262019


Jasmine Koon

I worked the farmers market on 10/26/19 I started at seven am. I missed the farmers market on my birthday on the following Saturday so it took me a minute to get back into the groove. This was also the first seven am I have worked the farmers market and it showed me what Constantine has to do every Saturday. This was not easy because we had to load all of the products and Constantine was very organized because I don’t know of one time where he forgot something for the farmers market. This morning was also very cold but we managed to work threw it. Our attitude was the same as every day and we interacted with the customers just the same. This was another great experience at the farmers market working with Constantine.

Oct 062019


Jasmine koon

I began my day at the farmers market Saturday the fifth of October. Working the Farmers market definitely has networking which is good because you are doing business with the community and sharing what Athens owns is all about. Constantine definitely knows a lot of good people and Constantine introducing me and that’s more of the networking. Professional communications also play a big role in working the farmers market because you are speaking, listening, writing and responding to the customer and this can carry out beyond the workplace. Interpersonal works with the ability to communicate effectively and how to interact with others which I was not good with before this experience. The farmers market has definitely been a unique experience and I have gained these things from this experience.