Intern agreements


The interns are directed to read the Athens’ Own Business and Internship web pages upon application.

Once an intern has submitted their application materials and have been accepted into the Athens’ Own internship program it is assumed that they have read all of the information as assigned  and that they are in agreement with the material indexed below by Kathy Jacobson, Broadwell Hill collaborative mentor.

Collaborative mentors can therefore refer to this index to gain a greater insight into possible ways they might be able to further assist the students in their learning and skill development pursuits.  

Please do not hesitate to contact Constantine Faller if you have any questions.  Thank you.

6/24/16  Kathy Jacobson, Broadwell Hill/Athens’ Own Liaison

  • An overview of intern instructions
    • The full documents are available via the hotlinks below

Hot links with keyword, concept bullet points:

About & faq:

  • learning journey, working together, experience, local community, resilience
  • Here’s who I am and what I know, how can I help?
  • … Worker Readiness Certification …
    • an employee is the best of the best, and can keep up with a modern business’s innovation, ideas, and creativity.
  • … community network, … new skills … working with a team … dedicated to building a stronger community
  • processes & systems

What to Expect

  • Athens’ Own Motto:
    • Vision, Act on Your Vision, Network Your Actions
  • Athens’ Own Vision:
      • educational internship program
        • address gaps / weak links
        • sustainability / resilience
        • situational learning
  • Athens’ Own Intern Expectations
    • demonstrate enthusiasm, active participation, desire to learn
      • primary task:  be present and learn
  • Athens’ Own Intern Assignments
    • Custom designed plan to manifest Athens’ Own Vision while  complementing academic studies, activities via collaborative efforts toward share goals, including the interns career and employment goals
      • Assessment: skills, passions, visions, goals
        • Interns should be prepared to address:   “Here is what I know, here is what I can do, and I want to learn more. How can I help?”
  • Intern Strategy & Tactics
    • resilience recruit … boot camp … uniform … decision to get up and go…”
    • “Where am I going and what am I going to do?”
      • Example of boot camp assignment
        • soup kitchen
          • adaptation strategy
            • take initiative
              • where/when, volunteer guidelines, apron, talk to everyone, take notes, learn, ask questions
        • grain pickup scheduled for next day
          • adaptation strategy:  preparedness and response
    • build resilience … postitive adaptation to change …
    • openness and a sincere desire to learn … every day … every task
  • Remember:
    • The most learning takes place in new territory, outside your comfort zone
    • The Athens’ Own Internship is a collaborative adventure; building resilience in a climate of great change
      • Athens’ Own will help you adapt to internship program processes
      • Athens’ Own will help you as you seek to get the most out of the experience
      • Athens’ Own will help you identify the direction you want to go as you blaze the trail into your life
    • Resilience is not limited to just your readiness and ability to excel in the Athens’ Own Internship adventure assignments
    • Resilience is about embracing the unknown, being ready to stand up and adapt to any situation with sustainability systems
      • Holistic Management
      • Precautionary Principle
      • Seven Generation Stewardship
      • Incident Command System/National Incident Management System
  • Before You Apply  &  Concise Application info  (similar info)
    • step outside comfort zone
    • read materials located on this website and the Athens’ Own website
    • submit flawless application, cover letter and resume (page includes links)
    • read Chapters 1-6  “At Home with Holistic Management”  by Ann Adams
      • available for loan or purchase from Athens’ Own
    • complete on-line IS-100.b Intro to Incident Command System
    • participate in on-line discussions, schedule interview

On-line Application form

Your Internship Log: What is it, and Why?

  • Tracking Record:  memory aide, reminders for additional learning, assignments, completion, log for college credit
  • Feedback: mentors can review, provide feedback and assistance to further develop understanding of concepts
    • log entries:  assignments, what was done,  how it relates to learning objectives
  • Community Outreach: Transparent, real-time information to answer the question: What does Athens’ Own do?
    • log entries provide:
      • info on activities, including Athens’ Own educational outreach, training and personal approach
      • an example for other businesses around the globe interested in similar educational outreach efforts
      • fodder for the Frequently Asked Questions information
  • How to Write a Log
    • practice and demonstrate improvement in the arenas of writing, organizational and motivational skills
  • Target audience: Athens’ Own team, collaborative partners, prospective participants and distant readers
    • Think about the purposes of the logs and share your experiences, write to the readers in a way to help them share in your experience
  • Speed & Timeliness:
    • business of building resilience, live action reporting
    • logs should be posted during the work day experiences and/or immediately afterwards
  • Concepts and connectedness:
    • connect small actions to bigger picture, concepts, previous activities
      • example: one day – Holistic Management mentorship, next day – packaging coffee
        • explore relatedness
        • explore how future sessions might help expand understanding
  • Do your best

About the Internship Log – Part 2!

  • Logs can’t be edited by interns and mentors
    • educational goals, job skill development:
    • encourages attentive proofreading, editing assistance prior to posting
      • ask for help if needed
    • mentors will be reviewing, editing and providing feedback toward improvement processes
  • Transparent Learning Process
    • Interns can post add comments and/or revisions that track  changes/comments/edits
    • Mentors can post comments, feedback toward improvement in writing skills, conceptual understanding and thought development

Alyse’s Log to Interns

  • Great example of a transparent communication and learning log (Thank you Alyse!)

Concepts:  Life-long learning

  • Excerpts from Alyse Carter’s log reflections
    • I never imagined the complexity of the Athens’ Own story could be more than a “This is who we are, this is what we do”. It has taken me almost a year to realize that not only did I not know anything then, I only know bits and pieces now.
    • That is not to say that I haven’t learned that much in a year. In fact, the exact opposite is true. I have learned an incredible amount of information. I have learned stories and stories about people, places, foods, visions, dreams, and ideas. I have learned new concepts and new skills. I have learned a bit about how to run a business, and a bit more about how to embrace my community. But if I had to pick the main lesson out from this past year, it would be the lesson of how to learn.
    • However, in the case of Athens’ Own, I found that the story is as much about my own journey as it is Constantine’s.
    • In each day that followed, I have observed, participated, helped, asked questions, heard stories, looked things up, wrote bits and pieces, and learned a bit more. Perhaps the most challenging part of this experience was that for each bit I learned, ten more bits emerged that I didn’t yet understand. For a person like me who likes things quantified, I have been exasperated more than once with the seemingly endlessness of the journey. However, I have continually held onto the driving and motivating hope that one day I can somehow get it all down in a way that someone else can read. Each piece that I construct brings me a sense of satisfaction that one more piece of the puzzle is in place, even if that puzzle keeps getting bigger every day.
    • “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey” is the truest statement I could ever make about my time at Athens’ Own. Although I originally thought my learning experience would have a definitive end and I would move from the learner to the teacher, I have discovered that there is no clear destination, and that is indeed the entire point. I am here to learn, and to continue learning. Even more importantly, I am here to seek out the knowledge and experience, in order to make this challenging journey last as long as possible, beyond Athens’ Own, beyond a job, and beyond anything I can imagine. I have learned, simply, that I have a lot to learn.

Concepts: Motivation

  • excerpts from Alyse Carter’s log
    • If I can be very motivated to do something, I should be able to motivate others to do something as well. By figuring out how to motivate myself, I can gain some insight into the best strategies and plans to help Athens’ Own interns get motivated.
      • Athens’ Own Worker Readiness Certification – one criteria: ability to motivate others to take interest and act
  • To start, what motivates me?
    • Constantine recently posed me the question:
      • What new skills I would be willing to learn on my own time and apply towards Athens’ Own?
    • The question was posed this way to help me draw out those types of skills and concepts which would be most motivating to me.
  • If both my “to-do” list and Athens’ Own’s “to-do” list have similar items on them, then that is the best place to start.
    • alignment of needs, interests, etc.   that helps move our team, our systems, and our actions forward … more productive and positive
    • This is also why we ask our interns to write their holisticgoals. We can take notice of where a certain person’s goals line up with ours, and then work together to move both them and us towards those goals.
  • By discovering what motivates ourselves and our team members, we can work to find the best and most exciting opportunities for “working” and “learning” to become one and the same.


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