Aug 072017

9/6/17 Kathy’s contribution to the team effort.

Paul’s internship includes “Mondays On Broadwell Hill” with Kathy serving as one of the Athens’ Own Collaborative Business Partner Mentors.  

Kathy is the Incident Commander, i.e. project manager and service learning facilitator, for the Broadwell Hill operations.

Kathy is Paul’s supervisor during his participation in the “Mondays on Broadwell Hill” program. 

Kathy is responsible for the orchestration of the program, listening and pursuing adaptive strategies to achieve goals.

These are Kathy’s notes: written reflective listening and  interpretation to identify patterns:  keywords, agreements, deliverables, performance measures, etc.

This information will be condensed into a list of deliverables with project management time lines, planned work schedule strategies  with a system of documentation for continuous improvement feedback loops.

PR: 8/7/17 log posted on 8/10/17

Again, the following are my notes from PR’s 8/7/17 log entry.


breakfast meeting … Kathy (K) and Constantine.

  • intern log format
  • resource time exchange between collaborative partners
  • deliverables*:  
    • technical writing – accessible, efficient, exact 
    • PR: internship website – produce synopsis of intern log instructions
    • PR/KJ: – At Home with Holistic Management: Chapters 1-7 – produce synopsis of chapters 1-7
    • PR: produce collaborative partner position descriptions, e.g. Athens Time Exchange

Into the woods .. K & P

  •  3 hours … plant and fungi species
    • some familiar, some introduced by K 
  • deliverables/goals:
    • pocket-sized notepad
    • forest plant and fungi journal
    • green eye – appreciating the intricacies of nature
    • forest trails:
      • walking meditation
      • self-guided tours, signage
  • feedback:
    • time with K:  fulfilled qualities of life goals – preparedness, independence, woods time, learning new skills.
    • shared time in woods:  furthered bWh goals, see above, and expanded understanding of K’s role/participation 

bWh motherhouse lunch

bWh business meeting:

  • wedding, reception/potluck, ceremony site selection, date (8/19/17) 
  • Into the woods:
    • site preparation/trail training, increased familiarity with ecotourism site operations
    • opportunity to further develop forest appreciation, knowledge, skill, green eye with diversity of input from via the knowledgeable client
    • motivating factors:

Wrap-up: K & P

  •  deliverables: what the deliverables might look like and when they might be completed.
  • Time management:
    • plan: 1 hour on Mondays for completion of log requirement
    • post-eval: unplanned 3 hr educational woods walk instead of completion of other work, but not wasted.
      • adaptive
  • positive feedback: communication, education, assignment clarity, furthered common goals.
  • re-affirmation:  
    • start a plant and fungi journal
    • work on the deliverables
    • pursue assignments with a consistent workflow 
Jun 292016

RE:  Internship Collaborative System Development
From: Kathy Jacobson, Broadwell Hill
To: Constantine, Athens’ Own, Halley, Intern and others interested in the internship program collaborative venture
Date: 6/24/16

Process Description:
Internship Project Collaboration:

Collaborative Unified Command System: Broadwell Hill – Athens’ Own

  • Broadwell Hill Stewardship
    • IC/Liaison: Kathy Jacobson, RN Transition Midwife & Forest Farmer

Athens’ Own Motto: Vision, Act on Your Vision, Network Your Actions

Athens’ Own Vision

re: educational internship program

  • collaborative, win-win, mutually beneficial
  • It takes a village to raise a child – assist students and future generations
  • Interns as Athens’ Own team members building systems
  • Streamline with OU academic studies
  • Collaborate with OU and Develop pipelines for business/student collaboration
  • Collaborate with Athens’ Own business partners to provide additional on-job training
  • address gaps / weak links
  • increase understanding of sustainability / resilience
  • custom designed per student
    • assessment
    • inquiry based approach
    • situational learning

Athens’ Own Resilience Worker Readiness Certificate criteria to provide

    • affirmation and reference:
      • Athens’ Own certifies successful completion
        • participants have basic skills,  the best of the best capable of keeping up with a modern business’s innovation, ideas and creativity.

SMART assignment:

    • 6/24/16  CF to KJ
      • S – specific
        • collaborative co-learning process experience via Athens’ Own Internship program
        • review Intern Log and provide feedback
        • pursue improvement processes
      • M – measurable
        • feedback will be posted within the on-line Internship Communication Hub
          • collaborative web site architecture – draft submissions
          • review of guidance documents, development of synopsis and system check-list for all team members – draft submissions
          • tracking with demonstrated improvement measures
            • system processes
            • interns
      • A – attainable
        • kj – personal passion, skill and available resources: weak link – time availability
          • wearing too many hats within the BWH ICS system; need to expand ICS – team member delegation
          • need to improve writing efficiency and skill; scale back writing time to increase efficiency with time management, maximized effort
      • R – relates (personal, business, collaborative goals; is it a win-win, mutually beneficial opportunity?)
        • kj
          • personal practice, continual improvement processes, life-long learning, co-learning community
          • professional RN assessment and life coach services, health & well-being basic need sector group
        • kj/bwh & cf ao: shared visions, goals, ventures toward sustainable systems of preparedness, mitigation, response and resilience
          • Internships: shared interests in collaboration, systems development/precautionary principle, communication, Holistic Management decision-making/seven generation stewardship, ICS/UCS team management system, focus educational co-learning outreach to help address needs, develop skills, enhance the collaborative conduits for the local town-gown flow while also conveying information about our autonomous businesses and inter-independent systems of collaboration.
          • fulfills both of our desired quality of life goals, heart of service: assisting our younger collaborative partners, future generations and maximizing our adaptive abilities to numerous high risk, high likelihood risks.
        • interns: academic/real world employment, change agent skill development
        • OU & other academic programs:  real world adjunct to programs
        • collaborative partners:  participation and access to pool of resources
      • T- time:
        • 1:1 mentorship with interns, check-in meetings with cf/ao
        • 24 hour turn around upon receipt of documents, posting of assignments
        • self motivated direction: access on-line documents, participate in conversation
        • self motivated direction – expand assignment to include homework and systems building:
          • review of all the Internship guidance materials
          • synopsis
          • checklist
          • collaboration hub
        • kj feeling stressed about addition of another project but also finding the effort to be very invigorating and meaningful
        • co-creative process toward improvements, system development to reduce time expenditures in the future
        • Time accounting:
          • 6/24/16 10 hrs – reading on-line, internship instructions, summarizing concepts/keywords, items to focus on during reviews
          • 6/25/16 10 hrs – collaborative website architecture, document development
          • 6/26/16 10 hrs – continued
          • 6/27/16  10 hrs – continued
          • 6/28/16  9 hrs face to face collaboration
            • 7-8 am kj/cf meeting
            • 9 – 3:45 pm kj/hd
              • Halley confirmed 6/29/16 plans: 9-2pm at BWH on
            • 5-615 pm kj/cf
          • 6/29/16  face to face collaboration
            • 7-8 am  kj/cf meeting
            • 9 – 2 pm  kj/hd
              • hd arrival:
                • 10 am No call, No Show
                  • 10:10 arrival said she sent text about delay
                    • kj didn’t see texts, again reinforced value of telephone call

Draft Review process:

  • Guidance Document
    • Intern Log evaluation
      • initial author: kj
        • 6/24/16  initial with on-going development
          • final input date into system for test applications
      • Target Audience:
        • Athens’ Own decision-making and project development team, including interns and collaborative partners
        • Specifically to help future collaborative mentors but also to help interns get with the program
          • Log Checklist, SWOT analysis for review of logs are in process
          • Resilience Worker Readiness program criteria checklist is also in process
          • Printable and On-line forms are in the realm of vision


      • Interns may be pushing the boundaries of comfort as this is a Resilience Recruit boot camp experience
        • situational co-learning within a new paradigm, new territory for most
        • Fun collaborative learning adventure
          • Mentors should:
            • input to help meet the needs of the intern
            • fun, positive, goal-oriented, self-improvement processes, win-win
            • learn to learn within a continuous improvement feedback loop
            • Provide objective feedback related to key concepts inclusion – checklist, criteria
            • Provide subjective feedback related to personal interpretations of concepts and suggested improvements
              • SWOT analysis format in process

The interns need to demonstrate learning process via their log entries.

A log entry does not have to initially demonstrate skill proficiency and comprehension with each and every document.  Your review will help us identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for improvement and threats to the sustainability of the program and the intern’s successful completion of the program (SWOT analysis).

    • Does the log entry address any of the following:
      • Title
      • Date, author
        • improvement? hot link to personal info page – bio, cover, resume, holistic goal?
      • link with incident command management system
      • clear assignment (SMART format)
      • target audience
        • Supervisor, Mentors, Cohorts/peers, collaborative partners, interested individuals?
      • big picture of activities and linkages
      • connectedness:
      • how it relates to personal life, academic, career goals?
      • how it relates to learning objectives?
      • how it relates to win-win, mutually beneficial collaboration with Athens’ Own?
      • how it helps answer “what does Athens’ Own do?”
      • does it include information that should go into FAQ?
      • does it offer helpful info for collaborative partners around the globe?
      • writing skills
      • spelling & grammar
      • thought development
      • organization
      • motivation
      • timeliness
          • Here is what I know, here is what I can do, and I want to learn more. How can I help?
          • Learning Journey – be present every day, every task
            • life-long learning
            • desire to learn
            • openness
            • questions
          • active participation
          • enthusiasm
          • Teamwork
          • Collaborative Culture
          • Community Building & Networking
          • Sustainability
          • Resilience
          • Skill development
            • overlap with holistic goal, academic, career goals, etc.
          • processes & systems
            • Holistic Management
            • Incident Command System
          • Resilience Recruit
            • positive adaptation to perceived adversity
            • adaptation strategies & tactics
            • initiative (self-motivated, self-directed)
            • take notes
            • ask questions
          • Athens’ Own History
          • Linked with Reference documents
            • demonstrates thorough research
Jun 282016

6/28/16  Assignment: Intern Log Template

  • From:  K. Jacobson (kj) intern mentor
  • To:  H. Davidson, Intern

SMART request:

  • Specific:
    • Create draft Intern Log Template
    • Apply template to one log entry
  • Measurable:
    • Template will include:
      • Header for standardized business communique
      • Topic, title, From, To, Dates (assigned, submitted, reviewed, revisions)
      • SMART assignment format:
        • S: specific
        • M: measurable
        • A: attainable
        • R: related
        • T: time delineated
      • Narrative section
  • Attainable:
    • Intern confirms she has the skills and resources needed to complete assignment
  • Time:
    • 6/28/16  H.D. confirms ability to complete assignment
    • 6/28/16 H.D. submits to K.J. for review
    • 6/29/16 K. J. review
    • 6/30/16 K.J. to Constantine Faller (cf)
    • 7/2/16 C.F. provides feedback, further instructions




Jun 272016

6/26/16 Feedback

  • To: Halley Davidson (HD) regarding her Intern Log Entry #10  Why Choose Athens’ Own
    • Constantine Faller (CF): AO IC – Operations Chief, (Basic Needs – Education), Internship Program Coordinator
  • From: K. Jacobson (kj): BWH IC/AO Liaison/Mentor

Homework: reviewed Intern Information Pages, developed a synopsis and a review checklist, the checklist is currently embedded in the draft Project Collaboration 1 document. The following feedback is linked to the concepts, key words identified in the guidance documents.


      • June 21 – Why Choose Athens’ Own
        • timeliness – no reference to dates of learning activities, assignments
        • no information related to the contextual background
          • Why choose Athens’ Own
            • Athens’ Own products? Athens’ Own internship?
        • big typo – very first sentence
        • Outline related to learning about Athens’ Own
          • emphasis on excitement related to local opportunity
            • no linkages with collaboration, resilience, sustainability, other concepts
          • read parts of the website
            • overlooked instructions related to internship application process
          • nice linkage with personal excitement about work Athens’ Own is doing
            • no information for target audience related to what Athens’ Own is doing
              • again, indication of knowledge deficits about log instructions
          • Nice linkage with catalyzing affects of application questions
            • good team feedback toward performance measure evaluations, improvement processes
            • inspired to write down passions, inspired with lots of ideas for ways I could help Athens’ community
          • nice linkage with personal goals, ‘real marketing experience’
          • Nice assessment of whole, resource base, decision making in terms of living expenses, availability
            • no mention of HM reading assignment
        • Nice story about receiving news that application for internship was accepted
          • nice linkage with community network
        • Nice follow-through and reporting of prompt receipt of Holistic Management book
          • apparent understanding of one of the requirements
        • Exploration of time assessment, start dates
      • Nice reflective story about the beginning of the Athens’ Own internship
        • linkage with personal goals
          • real world experience
          • resume booster
          • financial management – other internships in cities presented with rent costs
          • excited about Athens County Community, business exposure
          • excited about seeing what creative advertising, event coordination projects to be helpful for Athens and personal portfolio
            • nothing about internship as a real work experience where employees listen to their bosses
            • nothing about what would be potentially helpful for Athens’ Own
      • Nice reflective story about getting to know program, getting well-acquainted with Constantine and Kathy
      • goals have not changed
        • no indication of what was learned
        • no indication of understanding that one does not usually get to know the program or become well-acquainted after a few weeks
          • especially given the fact that many of the homework, research, historical reading and guidance document assignments do not appear to be completed as of yet (no record of what was read, when, etc.)
          • Alyse Carter, previous employee repeatedly wrote in her logs about not really grasping everything after 2 years of full time
            • emphasized that the main lesson was realizing how much she has to learn
          • the guidance docs also include key concepts of open listening, being present, life long learning
      • Nice linkage reflection on excitement related to preparedness, community wellness with a but about economic wellness
        • no linkage with social, economic, environmental sustainability concept
      • Nice reflective story about background, passion, hard work, being up to new challenges, etc.
        • linkage with background skills, values, and concepts presented in internship guidance information
      • Nice addition about learning new things, sustainability, resilience, the world in general
        • no linkage with primary mission of on-going life-long learning, every task, every day; concepts emphasized in internship guidance materials
      • May indicate need for attention to the instructions, target audience, concepts and log entry guidelines
      • Nice reflection about internship learning focus, well-educated dialogue, deep conversations about world and politics
        • It is hard to imagine that you did not realize via the reading materials that the internship program is totally about collaborative learning
      • Nice reflection (performance measure) that you feel allowed, comfortable to share your opinions and that everyone is open to learning from each other
        • Such processes are a core component within the Athens’ Own Collaborative Family, working together toward solutions in all our raging diversity
        • Such communication processes are part of the collaborative learning community, essential toward sustainability and robust systems of healthy teamwork, resilience
      • Nice feedback about challenges related to 5 day/week internship time commitment plus work from home hours
        • no linkage with at distance work arranges toward greater resilience
        • no report of discussing this matter with your boss
          • no mention of solution oriented efforts, time management, e.g. time log, personal activities during work hours, clarity of assignments
      • It is also nice to know that you still feel excitement about the internship
        • such reports are performance measures related to our collaborative goals and interactive learning process
        • Thank you and I am very glad to hear that you still feel excited about it





Jun 272016

6/26/16 Feedback
•To: Halley Davidson (HD) regarding her Intern Log Entry #9  June 21 – Writing Reflection   June 21 – Writing Reflection
◦Constantine Faller (CF): AO IC – Operations Chief, (Basic Needs – Education), Internship Program Coordinator

•From: K. Jacobson (kj): BWH IC/AO Liaison/Mentor

The italicized excerpts are from Halley’s log.

When looking at the Athens’ Own Worker readiness Certification, one of the first items you see on the list is Writing, or more specifically “Strong Writing Abilities, including Spelling.” As a brand new intern applicant, I thought I had submitted an excellent cover letter and application; one free of mistakes. But after my first few conversations with Constantine, he pointed out that there were some distinguishable flaws in my writing especially in the area of spelling and grammar. He recommended I take the time to visit some of the on campus resources that help improve resumes and cover letters, and while I was still in classes, this could act as a first project for my internship.

At first, I didn’t want to believe there was anything wrong with my application. I had spent a lot of time working on building my resume and had read over my cover letter so often that I assumed it was perfect. But after using my campus resources, I realized that there really had been some little mistakes that I had blinded myself to because I had read the materials so many times.

I think that to become a well-developed writer you need to be able to see those little mistakes, and be able to self-correct, but I also think it’s important to take the time to have others look over your work to help you find those mistakes. After the semester ended and I began working on Athens’ Own writing assignments, this became even truer for me. Having Constantine there to check my work before I submitted it meant that I was getting that extra look over before it got published. But I was starting to get embarrassed that each time I wrote something, I had so many little mistakes that were just caused by me rushing the assignment or by me not taking the time to proofread my own work. So I decided that from that point on, it was more important for me to submit as flawless a piece of writing as I could before Con would see it, so that his proofreading would be more big picture, rather than fixing the little things I knew how to fix myself.

I think that the definition of Writing in the Worker Readiness Cert should also be broader than just grammar and spelling. I think it should be that initiative to work through your own work to make sure that you are submitting your best writing possible, each time you write. Even for things as simple as a Facebook post or an email to a friend, your best work should be what you put out in to the world, while not forgetting that having someone help look for the details you might be blind to is still an invaluable tool.

Jun 272016

6/26/16 Feedback
•To: Halley Davidson (HD) – Intern Log Entry #8  June 21 – Athens’ Own at Bonnaroo

  • Constantine Faller (CF): AO IC – Operations Chief, (Basic Needs – Education), Internship Program Coordinator

•From: K. Jacobson (kj): BWH IC/AO Liaison/Mentor

The italicized excerpts are from Halley’s log.

Last week I was able to have the wonderful opportunity to go to Bonnaroo Music festival with some of my lovely high school friends. This was my first music festival, and I was extremely excited and felt blessed that my friends had invited me along. I was also a tad nervous though. After checking weather reports and looking in to the camping situation, I realized I was about to be in the 100 degree sun for five days with seven boys, some of whom almost didn’t remember to pack a pillow. But as the fun days at the camp passed I started to realize that even though I was taking a break from assignments with Athens’ Own, that I was still exercising a lot of the habits that I have been acquiring all along in internship. I like to think of it as a Survival Kit that I carry with me wherever I go.

The first I thing from my kit I used was research and life-long learning. When I decided to attend the festival, the first thing I did was scour the Bonnaroo website looking for information about camping supplies, provided facilities, and lists of activities. I wanted to make sure that I knew everything possible to be safe and have a great time while there. While browsing, I also came across some information about their sustainability efforts, which caught my interest as well. I learned about the ways they promote low waste and low environmental effects at the farm where the event is held.

The second thing I brought with me from my Athens’ Own survival pack was preparedness for incidents. While I’ll always have my FEMA training in the back of my head, there was also a moment where I realized that spending five days at a camp could bring with it a lot of little emergencies. It was then that I thought to stop by the dollar store and to build a little camping first aid kit. I also picked up a few very large reusable water jugs that could be filled and left at camp if someone ever needed water and didn’t have someone to walk the distance to the refill station.

The last thing I brought with me was general wonder and the desire to share the things I’ve learned along the way. Similar to Alyse’s story about the “Ripple Effect” of teaching people new things and making an impact, I took the time to tell anyone who was interested in all of the different efforts that Bonnaroo was making to keep everyone safe and keep the environment safe too. I also wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of all of the safety measures they could take to make their weekend safer, even if it was just to help them get sunblock on their back.

My time at Bonnaroo was so much fun and everyone there was so kind and generous, it really was like living in a community that was focused on the wellness of others. Everyone made the effort to say hello to people and to make sure they had water, or people were even were willing to share food or supplies. I think that it was a great learning opportunity for me to see the real benefits f putting in action some of the things I have learned at Athens’ Own. And I will continue to bring my Survival Kit with me wherever I go.

Jun 272016

6/26/16 Feedback

  • To: Halley Davidson (HD) regarding her Intern Log Entry #7 June 21 – Define Research
    • Constantine Faller (CF): AO IC – Operations Chief, (Basic Needs – Education), Internship Program Coordinator
  • From: K. Jacobson (kj): BWH IC/AO Liaison/Mentor

The italicized excerpts are from Halley’s log.
June 21 – Define Research

  • A response to an unknown or a question regarding a situation or topic. In this response, a person will attempt to answer the question, or complete enough data searching that there is a limited amount of error to their personal understanding of the topic.
  • Is not limited to a certain time frame, but is expected as a part of a lifelong commitment to learning. This means that the person is always ready to learn more and to adapt to situations by continuing research.

Methods of Research:


  1. Using a theoretical question to build a hypothesis, and to then complete experiments and read past data to prove or disprove the hypothesis.
  2. Completed using the scientific method to asses and current situation and its weak links to attempt improvement.


  1. When entering an unfamiliar location, one can be expected to acquire the necessary amount of information in order to perform well within that situation.
  2. As the move through the situation, being able to adapt to new information and to continue on the path of learning.


  1. When starting a professional job or project, making sure that the person understands the goals and history of their customer or employer creates a more productive and less redundant work environment.
  2. Includes reading provided materials, but also taking personal initiative to scope out possible supportive documentation, and to become familiar with the methods used in that business. (Communication software, specific training requirements, management methods, etc.)
Jun 272016


    • To: Halley regarding her Intern Log Entry #6   Researching Athens’ Own
      • Constantine Faller, AO IC – Operations Chief, (Basic Needs – Education), Internship Program Coordinator
    • From: K. Jacobson, BWH IC/AO Liaison/Mentor

HD:  After taking the time to first identify the importance of research, and then to create a definition of research, I have spent time reading up on Athens’ Own to become well acquainted with their history by completing research that will be imperative for my internship. While conducting this research, I have been reading information that has been provided to me by Constantine in his Google Drive Folder. Some of these documents include Excel sheets with prices and product lists, documents with descriptions and regulations for the food packaging and production, and other article containing a wide range of useful information and photos.

I made copies of certain documents that I thought would particularly useful in a marketing situation, and even uploaded some information that I have stored on my computer that I thought could be a beneficial addition to the Athens’ Own Drive. Later on I even printed some documents that I though could be beneficial resources for me to have on hand as I work through my journey with Athens’ Own.

This project of reading up on Athens’ Own has been extremely beneficial especially after talking about how research is so essential. I am now applying and seeing firsthand how useful it is to have read already completed and shared information. Now, if I have a specific question about product pricing I don’t need to ask Constantine, that information has already been published in an easy to rad format in the Drive.

The next step for me is to go through the website and to acquire even more background information on Athens’ Own. Though I have read the majority of the Intern Page, there are so many beneficial pieces of writing done by Alyse and others who have worked with Athens’ Own that I think will only stand to boost my abilities to work with Constantine and Kathy.

Jun 272016

6/27/16 kj

Constantine reports that the current focus is on the following resilience worker criteria:

He adds that he assigned the following five writing assignments to include measurement tools:

Jun 272016

6/27/16 kj
Here are some draft questions that I came up with to facilitate the review of the logs by other collaborative partners. It is far from the mark but perhaps it is a start.

Does the writer present project proposals in a well-thought out business format, including Holistic Management Decision-Making rationale?

Does there appear to be room for improvement in the arena of basic writing skills?

  • target audience, message, spelling & grammar, sequential thought development and organization

Does writer appear to understand the reasons, purpose, goals of the logs?

  • learning log, business record, collaborative communication, education, marketing, at-distance coordination, etc.

Is the writer addressing the highly diverse target audience with marketing strategies to inform, inspire, empower and mobilize?

Did the writer provide adequate information, references, hotlinks?

Will the highly diverse target audience be able to understand the situation, activity, assignment, learning focus, project, etc.?

  • Supervisor, Mentors, Cohorts/peers, collaborative partners, other interested individuals
    • many are interacting via at-distance processes; most are out-of-the loop with regards to day-to-day activities
      • The logs need to facilitate a thorough understanding of the situation, activity, assignment, learning focus.
      • The logs need to inform, inspire, empower and mobilize.

Does the writer appear to understand the importance of demonstrating personal understanding of Athens’ Own, concepts, etc. when writing the log?

Does the intern identify and demonstrate active learning processes in the log?

Does it appear the intern understands that they are working for Athens’ Own, a real world business?

Does it appear that they are listening and comprehending instructions and feedback offered by the supervisor and mentors?

Does the log entry help answer the question: “What does Athens’ Own do?”

Does it identify information that could be added to the FAQ?

Does it identify particular learning objectives with descriptions of application, etc.?

Is the intern demonstrating that he/she sees the application of concepts, systems, practices via every log entry?

  • incident command system – business management structure, span of control/delegation
  • holistic management – concepts, applied decision-making, adaptive strategies
  • collaboration
  • Collaborative systems thinking
    • me to we
  • community building
  • networking
  • social, economic, environmental sustainability
  • resilience – positive adaptation to perceived adversity
  • planning, preparedness, mitigation, response, recovery
  • seven generation stewardship

Is the intern asking questions in their logs?

Is the intern demonstrating any of the following traits through their writing?
•Here is what I know, here is what I can do, and I want to learn more. How can I help?
•Life-long learning journey

be present – every day, every task

•desire to learn, ability to learn
•active participation
•group process, teamwork

Does the writer address and/or demonstrate proficiency in the following resilience worker certificate program categories?
•Four Agreements

◦Be Impeccable with your word
◦Don’t take anything personally
◦Don’t make assumptions
◦Do your best

•Writing skills
•Computer skills
•Professional business attitude, appropriate attire
•Intra-inter personal communication skills
•Follow through on projects
•Holistic view
•Present info from different perspectives
•ability to discern why other people care about an issue
•able to motivate other to take and interest and act
•capable of organizing the actions of others
•ability to function in a complex system