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9/6/17 Kathy’s contribution to the team effort.

Paul’s internship includes “Mondays On Broadwell Hill” with Kathy serving as one of the Athens’ Own Collaborative Business Partner Mentors.  

Kathy is the Incident Commander, i.e. project manager and service learning facilitator, for the Broadwell Hill operations.

Kathy is Paul’s supervisor during his participation in the “Mondays on Broadwell Hill” program. 

Kathy is responsible for the orchestration of the program, listening and pursuing adaptive strategies to achieve goals.

These are Kathy’s notes: written reflective listening and  interpretation to identify patterns:  keywords, agreements, deliverables, performance measures, etc.

This information will be condensed into a list of deliverables with project management time lines, planned work schedule strategies  with a system of documentation for continuous improvement feedback loops.

PR: 8/7/17 log posted on 8/10/17

Again, the following are my notes from PR’s 8/7/17 log entry.


breakfast meeting … Kathy (K) and Constantine.

  • intern log format
  • resource time exchange between collaborative partners
  • deliverables*:  
    • technical writing – accessible, efficient, exact 
    • PR: internship website – produce synopsis of intern log instructions
    • PR/KJ: – At Home with Holistic Management: Chapters 1-7 – produce synopsis of chapters 1-7
    • PR: produce collaborative partner position descriptions, e.g. Athens Time Exchange

Into the woods .. K & P

  •  3 hours … plant and fungi species
    • some familiar, some introduced by K 
  • deliverables/goals:
    • pocket-sized notepad
    • forest plant and fungi journal
    • green eye – appreciating the intricacies of nature
    • forest trails:
      • walking meditation
      • self-guided tours, signage
  • feedback:
    • time with K:  fulfilled qualities of life goals – preparedness, independence, woods time, learning new skills.
    • shared time in woods:  furthered bWh goals, see above, and expanded understanding of K’s role/participation 

bWh motherhouse lunch

bWh business meeting:

  • wedding, reception/potluck, ceremony site selection, date (8/19/17) 
  • Into the woods:
    • site preparation/trail training, increased familiarity with ecotourism site operations
    • opportunity to further develop forest appreciation, knowledge, skill, green eye with diversity of input from via the knowledgeable client
    • motivating factors:

Wrap-up: K & P

  •  deliverables: what the deliverables might look like and when they might be completed.
  • Time management:
    • plan: 1 hour on Mondays for completion of log requirement
    • post-eval: unplanned 3 hr educational woods walk instead of completion of other work, but not wasted.
      • adaptive
  • positive feedback: communication, education, assignment clarity, furthered common goals.
  • re-affirmation:  
    • start a plant and fungi journal
    • work on the deliverables
    • pursue assignments with a consistent workflow 

  4 Responses to “8/7/17 PR – Broadwell Hill Report”

  1. Well constructed

  2. Constantine and Paul,
    Thank you for your input Constantine.
    Does “well constructed” mean you agree with the draft layout, that it at least offers potential in terms of the technical presentation of information?
    Are you, and Paul, in agreement with what is reflected in my post above?
    Sometimes I miss or misread information; remember when I read the canner booklet and didn’t catch some of the material?
    Does the format, etc., work?
    I am about to put some more time into trying my best to read and interpret Paul’s other logs so input at this time is appreciated, and essential in my opinion.

    • Hi Kathy,

      Thanks for all your hard work.

      I “agree” with your post in that I think it accurately reflects the essentials of my post and that the format works for me.


    • Kathy, thank you for asking, and yes to layout and function. I defer to Paul regarding accuracy.

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