Apr 132020

4/10/2020 Robert Urie Upon my arrival at Broadwell Hill Learning Center I was placed on a 2-week quarantine due to Covid-19. I was more than content and comfortable but also looking forward to my first trip into town with Constantine. Not only was I on quarantine, but Constantine and Kathy did not travel as well. […]

Apr 082020

Chapter 1 Holistic Management offers people a way to make decisions that will move them toward what they want, not in reaction to what they don’t want. In a world where resources are becoming more limited, a thinking process that helps us think about long-term consequences is a valuable asset. While such changes go against […]

Apr 082020

4/8/2020 Robert Urie Forming a Holistic Goal Exercise Quality of Life Live in harmony and balance with nature Remain happy above all else Be of service to others in order to live with purpose Financial security Family Debt free Behaviors and Systems Balanced time management Open mindedness Produce an income from work or trade Vision- […]

Apr 082020

4/8/2020 Robert Urie Creating a management inventory is the first step in the Holistic Management goal setting process. Three components to consider in this process are the decision makers, the resource base at their disposal, and available money. Some assets I have in my inventory will include a good work ethic, a vehicle/tools, kindness, and […]

Apr 022020

Upon my arrival at Broadwell Hill Learning Center one thing that was brought to my attention was helping to identify a particular invasive species of common reed, Phragmites australis to be specific. More specifically how to differentiate the invasive Phragmites australis from the native subspecies Phragmites americanus. Identification is not easy early in the season […]

Mar 272020

Quality of Life: To live a life of purpose and meaning by being of service to others in times of need. To find happiness and joy out of the simple things in life where monetary systems do not dictate ones path. To live in harmony and balance with nature. To find a safe community where […]

Mar 252020

Hey everyone! My name is Bobby and I am grateful to be able to call Broadwell Hill my safe haven at the current moment. I personally do not think it could have happened at a better time. My initial plan was to leave home, which is Baltimore, in 4-5 months. Save some money, plan appropriately, […]