Mar 252020

Hey everyone! My name is Bobby and I am grateful to be able to call Broadwell Hill my safe haven at the current moment. I personally do not think it could have happened at a better time. My initial plan was to leave home, which is Baltimore, in 4-5 months. Save some money, plan appropriately, be 110% prepared, etc.

However with the sudden emergence of the Coronavirus I decided it was time for a bug out plan. Fortunately for me, Kathy and her community felt the same way so a plan was erected to get me here ASAP. Looking back on it I almost feels as if I had been preparing for it my whole life. As of right now I wouldn’t change a thing, except for maybe bringing a couple packs of lighters instead of one!

I know being here will come with a new set of challenges that I am looking forward to overcoming. I have been overcoming obstacles my entire life so it is nothing new to me. I battled a substance use disorder for most of my twenties. I like to say if I can conquer those demons I can conquer anything. Gives me motivation and a pu As of right now I am currently working on my holistic management skills, creating a holistic whole, and basically re-wiring my brain to think holistically. I have a habit of wanting to find immediate solutions to problems and I’m soon learning that is on the total opposite spectrum then holistic management. So it’s a process but I’m adjusting.

But I really just wanted to introduce myself and familiarize myself with wordpress. I’m really looking forward to my journey here and meeting new people. I have already taken a great liking to this place and I can’t thank Kathy and Constantine enough for giving me this opportunity. I look forward to blogging with you all and keeping you updated on my progress here.

  2 Responses to “A New Beginning”

  1. Welcome Bobby!
    It is indeed a new beginning for all of us..
    We appreciate your engaged presence here and also look forward to the journey ahead.
    Thank you for contributing to the experiential co-learning and the co-creative collaborative processes.
    Thank you for sharing glimpses of your journey here via this blog.
    As you know, we have an open door policy and welcome you input.
    Please let us know if you have questions and/or concerns.
    Best wishes,

    • I felt right at home from the moment I’ve arrived and I’m thrilled to help create what you have envisioned here!

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