Apr 082020

Chapter 1

Holistic Management offers people a way to make decisions that will move them toward what they want, not in reaction to what they don’t want. In a world where resources are becoming more limited, a thinking process that helps us think about long-term consequences is a valuable asset. While such changes go against our instincts, putting effort into having a holistic worldview will give us a firmer sense of being.

Chapter 2

Water Cycle- movement of water and how it affects plant and animal life

Mineral Cycle- movement of minerals or nutrients and how it affects plant, animal, and human life. Effective vs ineffective cycle.

Energy Flow- movement of energy through the sun through all living or once living beings. Everything in our ecosystem depends on the plant’s ability to capture sunlight and convert it into a form that feeds everything else.

Biological Community- interactions and interrelationships that exist among species that function as wholes or communities. Our biological communities are always changing due to plants and animals being born, aging, dying, and decaying. The key to advancing any biological community is soil cover.

Non-brittle environment- moist year round, often difficult to create large areas where the soil in between plants is bare.

Brittle Environment- erratic rainfall and humidity, becomes very easy to create large acreage where the soil is bare between plants.

Chapter 3

The importance of communication in decision-making can greatly influence holistic goals. Learning to use proper language can affect and influence group results. Learning to listen and build off the motivation of others will pull the group towards their goals more effectively then working as a individual. Listen to someone with the intent to understand their words, not refute them. Making the most out of the intelligence your group has to offer will help produce the intended outcome.

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