Aug 072017

9/6/17 Kathy’s contribution to the team effort. Paul’s internship includes “Mondays On Broadwell Hill” with Kathy serving as one of the Athens’ Own Collaborative Business Partner Mentors.   Kathy is the Incident Commander, i.e. project manager and service learning facilitator, for the Broadwell Hill operations. Kathy is Paul’s supervisor during his participation in the “Mondays […]

Jun 292016

RE:  Internship Collaborative System Development From: Kathy Jacobson, Broadwell Hill To: Constantine, Athens’ Own, Halley, Intern and others interested in the internship program collaborative venture Date: 6/24/16 Process Description: Internship Project Collaboration: Athens’ Own Internship Program IC/Liaison: Constantine Faller, Athens’ Own Internship Guidance Synopsis Collaborative Unified Command System: Broadwell Hill – Athens’ Own Broadwell Hill […]

Jun 262016

Intern Log Review 6/26/16 kj draft contribution Is the log presented as a business report with all the needed information? specific: who, what, when, why highly descriptive title author, position hotlink to bio post: cover letter, resume, application holistic goal, training, achievements, certificates, etc. dates related to activity, assignment, submission, revisions needed to evaluate timeliness assignment:  specific […]