Jun 282016

6/28/16  Assignment: Intern Log Template

  • From:  K. Jacobson (kj) intern mentor
  • To:  H. Davidson, Intern

SMART request:

  • Specific:
    • Create draft Intern Log Template
    • Apply template to one log entry
  • Measurable:
    • Template will include:
      • Header for standardized business communique
      • Topic, title, From, To, Dates (assigned, submitted, reviewed, revisions)
      • SMART assignment format:
        • S: specific
        • M: measurable
        • A: attainable
        • R: related
        • T: time delineated
      • Narrative section
  • Attainable:
    • Intern confirms she has the skills and resources needed to complete assignment
  • Time:
    • 6/28/16  H.D. confirms ability to complete assignment
    • 6/28/16 H.D. submits to K.J. for review
    • 6/29/16 K. J. review
    • 6/30/16 K.J. to Constantine Faller (cf)
    • 7/2/16 C.F. provides feedback, further instructions




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