Jun 282016

Assigned to Halley Davidson by Collaborator Kathy Jacobson

                Specific: Create a template for posts that would be applicable for me and future interns so that when creating a new document there is a SMART format to help readers and collaborators.

                Measurable: Use SMART to create bullet points, and complete by the end of the work day on June 28, 2016.

                Attainable: Was concluded there was a reasonable amount of time in the work day, factoring in distractions, for the intern to complete the assignment.

                Relevant: This is relevant because it implicates Athens’ Own management systems in to logs to makes a more distinguishable and usable log format for readers.

                Timeliness: Was discussed that assignment would be completed before the intern left before 4 o’clock on Tuesday June 28, 2016.


This assignment was given to me by Kathy as part of an intern process to create a usable template for log posts. She thought, and I whole heartedly agreed, that it would be useful to create an intro/header that was uniform for each post. This would be useful to help keep track of the SMART assignments that interns are getting, and makes it easier for possible readers to understand what the assignment’s goal was and what information the interns are receiving from Athens’ Own and Broadwell Hill.

A template method will become extremely useful because it provides a path for clear communication on assignments. It could become possible for the SMART request header to be approved before the assignment is started so that everyone knows there hasn’t been a miscommunication on deadlines or what is expected.

This will be especially useful when I decide to share my log with future employers. They may read a title like “Research” and not have a clear description of what the assignment was. Titles can be so vague without a proper introduction, so creating a SMART introduction template helps the reader have background information before reading.

I created bullets of the individual SMART concepts, and also provided a statement on who the project is from and whom it is for. For the SMART topics, the goal is to provide a simple sentence about how the assignment follows those guidelines to allow for precision and clarity, as well as help the writer have a way to catalog initial thoughts before completing the assignment.

Template for Intern Logs Introductory Header


Assigned to WRITER by WHOM

                Specific: write a clear a specific description of the assignment. The WHAT.

                Measurable: include measurable facts about the project (word count, necessary inclusion. Etc.) The                                        HOW.

                Attainable: Conclude if the assignment was reasonable and able to be completed by writer.

                Relatable: how does this apply to your internship? The WHY.

                Timeliness: When was this assigned and when should it be completed by? Will it still be relevant if                                          completed in that time frame? The WHEN.

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