Mar 272020

Quality of Life:
To live a life of purpose and meaning by being of service to others in times of need. To find happiness and joy out of the simple things in life where monetary systems do not dictate ones path. To live in harmony and balance with nature. To find a safe community where I feel comfortable raising a family. Also being a protector and of service to this community for as long as I am able. To leave this world a little better for the next generation and to always be a positive influence for those around me.

What I Have to Produce:
-Inspiration to others
-Service to others in order to live comfortably and safe
-Time for family, meditation, community, and leisure
-A safe and respectful environment for those around me

To be viewed as a mentor and influential leader in my community. To always speak for those without a voice and look after the land my community is impacted by. This land will be a safe haven for those around me in a time of need and managed using holistic decision making. The community will function as a whole for the betterment of the next generations to come and we will always strive to promote this way of life in a respectful manor.

  2 Responses to “Holistic Goal”

  1. Thank you for taking a dive into the realms
    of Holistic Management Decision Making processes.

    Please take notes, complete exercises as you go through ”The At Home
    With Holistic Management” workbook.
    We will review your materials and the process when the CoVID-19 quarantine period has passed.


  2. That will be my next book to start on! Looking forward to it!

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