Jun 202016

Intern: Halley Davidson

Facilitator: Constantine Faller

Assignment: Use SMART Goal tool to document with explanation the assignments for the last 5 internship assignments.

Date Received: June 20th, 2016


  • S – Specific
  • M – Measurable
  • A – Attainable
  • R – Related
  • T – Timeliness

Purpose: My internship experience so far, making use of 5 most current writing assignments.

  • Specific:
    1. Follow up report of assignment to acquire a working familiarity* with Athens’ Own Google Docs and website.
    2. The Athens’ Own Experience: How AO internship experience came with me to Bonnaroo.
    3.  Looking at my cover letter and early intern logs, what do I want from my internship? Then and now?
    4. Write my personal thoughts on writing and its relevance to the Worker Readiness Certification.
    5. Add Athens’ Own Holistic Goals and My Holistic Goals to the Resilience Worker Readiness Certificate Excel Spread Sheet.
  • Measurable:
    • Complete to be ready for publishing on Athens’ Own intern site.
    • Work is comprehensive for others, determined through feedback loops and comments.
  • Attainable: I believe that I have the abilities, time and resources to complete the assignments.
  • Related: These 5 assignments will help to present, clarify and enrich the experiences that I have had in my internship so far with Athens’ Own. Also will help to direct future goals of the internship.
  • Timeliness: Complete all five assignments by noon on June 21st, 2016.


As an ongoing attempt to improve the processes of publishing intern logs, Constantine, Kathy and I have began working on using SMART goals as an assignment request template. The above is a first attempt to see how to implicate the SMART format to make sure that assignments are clear and efficiently report their purpose to a reader before that reader would begin reading the actual assignment. This post specifically is taking a look back at the last 5 assignments given to me, and making sure that there is a way for log readers and collaborators to understand what was being assigned. This post format is still a work in progress, but it was important to post this list in order for collaborators to have a clear understanding of the logs they are reviewing in order to move forward with future tasks.

*Working Familiarity includes having read every document, and while not having memorized the entirety of the information, the reader is aware of all presented information and would be able to find desired info if it needed to be sourced.

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