Jun 212016

After taking the time to first identify the importance of research, and then to create a definition of research, I have spent time reading up on Athens’ Own to become well acquainted with their history by completing research that will be imperative for my internship. While conducting this research, I have been reading information that has been provided to me by Constantine in his Google Drive Folder. Some of these documents include Excel sheets with prices and product lists, documents with descriptions and regulations for the food packaging and production, and other article containing a wide range of useful information and photos.

I made copies of certain documents that I thought would particularly useful in a marketing situation, and even uploaded some information that I have stored on my computer that I thought could be a beneficial addition to the Athens’ Own Drive. Later on I even printed some documents that I though could be beneficial resources for me to have on hand as I work through my journey with Athens’ Own.

This project of reading up on Athens’ Own has been extremely beneficial especially after talking about how research is so essential. I am now applying and seeing firsthand how useful it is to have read already completed and shared information. Now, if I have a specific question about product pricing I don’t need to ask Constantine, that information has already been published in an easy to rad format in the Drive.

The next step for me is to go through the website and to acquire even more background information on Athens’ Own. Though I have read the majority of the Intern Page, there are so many beneficial pieces of writing done by Alyse and others who have worked with Athens’ Own that I think will only stand to boost my abilities to work with Constantine and Kathy.

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  1. Good start.
    What spelling errors can you locate in the first three paragraphs?

  2. What about the second paragraph?

  3. Good

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