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June 21 – Log #10 – Athens' Own Internships
Jun 272016

6/26/16 Feedback

  • To: Halley Davidson (HD) regarding her Intern Log Entry #10  Why Choose Athens’ Own
    • Constantine Faller (CF): AO IC – Operations Chief, (Basic Needs – Education), Internship Program Coordinator
  • From: K. Jacobson (kj): BWH IC/AO Liaison/Mentor

Homework: reviewed Intern Information Pages, developed a synopsis and a review checklist, the checklist is currently embedded in the draft Project Collaboration 1 document. The following feedback is linked to the concepts, key words identified in the guidance documents.


      • June 21 – Why Choose Athens’ Own
        • timeliness – no reference to dates of learning activities, assignments
        • no information related to the contextual background
          • Why choose Athens’ Own
            • Athens’ Own products? Athens’ Own internship?
        • big typo – very first sentence
        • Outline related to learning about Athens’ Own
          • emphasis on excitement related to local opportunity
            • no linkages with collaboration, resilience, sustainability, other concepts
          • read parts of the website
            • overlooked instructions related to internship application process
          • nice linkage with personal excitement about work Athens’ Own is doing
            • no information for target audience related to what Athens’ Own is doing
              • again, indication of knowledge deficits about log instructions
          • Nice linkage with catalyzing affects of application questions
            • good team feedback toward performance measure evaluations, improvement processes
            • inspired to write down passions, inspired with lots of ideas for ways I could help Athens’ community
          • nice linkage with personal goals, ‘real marketing experience’
          • Nice assessment of whole, resource base, decision making in terms of living expenses, availability
            • no mention of HM reading assignment
        • Nice story about receiving news that application for internship was accepted
          • nice linkage with community network
        • Nice follow-through and reporting of prompt receipt of Holistic Management book
          • apparent understanding of one of the requirements
        • Exploration of time assessment, start dates
      • Nice reflective story about the beginning of the Athens’ Own internship
        • linkage with personal goals
          • real world experience
          • resume booster
          • financial management – other internships in cities presented with rent costs
          • excited about Athens County Community, business exposure
          • excited about seeing what creative advertising, event coordination projects to be helpful for Athens and personal portfolio
            • nothing about internship as a real work experience where employees listen to their bosses
            • nothing about what would be potentially helpful for Athens’ Own
      • Nice reflective story about getting to know program, getting well-acquainted with Constantine and Kathy
      • goals have not changed
        • no indication of what was learned
        • no indication of understanding that one does not usually get to know the program or become well-acquainted after a few weeks
          • especially given the fact that many of the homework, research, historical reading and guidance document assignments do not appear to be completed as of yet (no record of what was read, when, etc.)
          • Alyse Carter, previous employee repeatedly wrote in her logs about not really grasping everything after 2 years of full time
            • emphasized that the main lesson was realizing how much she has to learn
          • the guidance docs also include key concepts of open listening, being present, life long learning
      • Nice linkage reflection on excitement related to preparedness, community wellness with a but about economic wellness
        • no linkage with social, economic, environmental sustainability concept
      • Nice reflective story about background, passion, hard work, being up to new challenges, etc.
        • linkage with background skills, values, and concepts presented in internship guidance information
      • Nice addition about learning new things, sustainability, resilience, the world in general
        • no linkage with primary mission of on-going life-long learning, every task, every day; concepts emphasized in internship guidance materials
      • May indicate need for attention to the instructions, target audience, concepts and log entry guidelines
      • Nice reflection about internship learning focus, well-educated dialogue, deep conversations about world and politics
        • It is hard to imagine that you did not realize via the reading materials that the internship program is totally about collaborative learning
      • Nice reflection (performance measure) that you feel allowed, comfortable to share your opinions and that everyone is open to learning from each other
        • Such processes are a core component within the Athens’ Own Collaborative Family, working together toward solutions in all our raging diversity
        • Such communication processes are part of the collaborative learning community, essential toward sustainability and robust systems of healthy teamwork, resilience
      • Nice feedback about challenges related to 5 day/week internship time commitment plus work from home hours
        • no linkage with at distance work arranges toward greater resilience
        • no report of discussing this matter with your boss
          • no mention of solution oriented efforts, time management, e.g. time log, personal activities during work hours, clarity of assignments
      • It is also nice to know that you still feel excitement about the internship
        • such reports are performance measures related to our collaborative goals and interactive learning process
        • Thank you and I am very glad to hear that you still feel excited about it





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