Jun 252016

RE: DRAFT: Internship Collaborative System Development
From: Kathy Jacobson, Broadwell Hill
To: Constantine, Athens’ Own, Halley, Intern and others interested in the internship program collaborative venture
Date: 6/24/16

Process Description:
Internship Project Collaboration:

Collaborative Unified Command System:  Broadwell Hill – Athens’ Own

  • Broadwell Hill Stewardship
    • IC/Liaison:  Kathy Jacobson, RN Transition Midwife & Forest Farmer

SMART invitation:

  • S – specific
    • collaborative co-learning process experience via Athens’ Own Internship program
    • review Intern Log and provide feedback
  • M – measurable
    • feedback will be posted within the on-line Internship Communication Hub
      • collaborative web site architecture –  draft submission
      • review of guidance documents, development of synopsis and system check-list for all team members  – draft submission
  • A – attainable
    • personal passion, skill and available resources:   weak link – time availability
      • wearing too many hats within the BWH ICS system; need to expand ICS – team member delegation
      • need to improve writing efficiency and skill; scale back writing time to increase efficiency with time management, maximized effort
  • R – relates  (personal, business, collaborative goals; is it a win-win, mutually beneficial opportunity?)
    • personal practice, continual improvement processes, life-long learning, co-learning community
    • professional RN assessment and life coach services, health & well-being basic need sector group
    • shared visions, goals, ventures toward sustainable systems of preparedness, mitigation, response and resilience
    • Internships: shared interests in collaboration, systems development/precautionary principle, communication, Holistic Management decision-making/seven generation stewardship, ICS/UCS team management system, focus educational co-learning outreach to help address needs, develop skills, enhance the collaborative conduits for the local town-gown flow while also conveying information about our autonomous businesses and inter-independent systems of collaboration.
    • fulfills both of our desired quality of life goals, heart of service:  assisting our younger collaborative partners, future generations and maximizing our adaptive abilities to numerous high risk, high likelihood risks.
  • T- time
    • 24 hour turn around upon receipt of documents
      • but documents not received via email
    • self motivated direction: access on-line documents, participate in conversation
    • self motivated direction:expand assignment to include homework and systems building:
      • review of all the Internship guidance materials
      • synopsis
      • checklist
      • collaboration hub
    • feeling stressed but also finding the effort to be very invigorating and meaningful
    • co-creative process; I hope to have my collaborative contribution in the conduit at the end of the day.
    • Time accounting:
      • 6/24/16 10 hrs
      • 6/25/16  10 hrs

Draft Guidance Document: Intern Log checklist (in-development to be winnowed down, possibly with on-line form and check boxes)

  • initial author: kj
    • subsequent revision dates – author
  • Target Audience:
    • Athens’ Own decision-making and project development team, including interns and collaborative partners
    • Specifically to help future collaborative mentors
      • Log Checklist, SWOT analysis for review of logs are in process
      • Resilience Worker Readiness program criteria checklist is also in process
      • Printable and On-line forms are in the realm of vision


  • Interns may be pushing the boundaries of comfort as this is a Resilience Recruit boot camp experience
    • situational co-learning within a new paradigm, new territory for most
    • Fun collaborative learning adventure
      •  Mentors should:
        • input to help meet the needs of the intern
        • fun, positive, goal-oriented, self-improvement processes, win-win
        • learn to learn within a continuous improvement feedback loop
        • Provide objective feedback related to key concepts inclusion – checklist, criteria
        • Provide subjective feedback related to personal interpretations of concepts and suggested improvements
          • SWOT analysis format in process

A log entry does not have to include all of the following, just note which ones jump out at you from the document.

  • Does the log entry address any of the following:
    • Title
    • Date, author
      • improvement?  hot link to personal info page – bio, cover, resume, holistic goal?
    • link with incident command management system
    • clear assignment  (SMART format)
    • target audience
      • Supervisor, Mentors, Cohorts/peers, collaborative partners, interested individuals?
    • big picture of activities and linkages
    • connectedness:
    • how it relates to personal life, academic, career goals?
    • how it relates to learning objectives?
    • how it relates to win-win, mutually beneficial collaboration with Athens’ Own?
    • how it helps answer “what does Athens’ Own do?”
    • does it include information that should go into FAQ?
    • does it offer helpful info for collaborative partners around the globe?
    • writing skills
    • spelling & grammar
    • thought development
    • organization
    • motivation
    • timeliness
  • misc. concepts as touched upon in the Guidance documents:
        • Here is what I know, here is what I can do, and I want to learn more. How can I help?
        • Learning Journey – be present every day, every task
          • life-long learning
          • desire to learn
          • openness
          • questions
        • active participation
        • enthusiasm
        • Teamwork
        • Collaborative Culture
        • Community Building & Networking
        • Sustainability
        • Resilience
        • Skill development
          • overlap with holistic goal, academic, career goals, etc.
        • processes & systems
          • Holistic Management
          • Incident Command System
        • Resilience Recruit
          • positive adaptation to perceived adversity
          • adaptation strategies & tactics
          • initiative (self-motivated, self-directed)
          • take notes
          • ask questions
        • Historical and Reference documents


        • Athens’ Own Motto: Vision, Act on Your Vision, Network Your Actions
        • Athens’ Own Vision re: educational internship program
          • collaborative, win-win, mutually beneficial
          • address gaps / weak links
          • increase understanding of sustainability / resilience
          • situational learning
        • Athens’ Own Resilience Worker Readiness Certificate
          • affirmation and reference: employee is the best of the best; can keep up with a modern business’s innovation, ideas, and creativity


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