Aug 252017

8/15/17 | PR

Today I did the usual town runs but was unable to deliver to all the customers because I ran out of time, this necessitates another town day this week, which is something I have been trying to avoid as it requires more resources such as time and fuel, and increases AOs footprint on the environment.

Traditionally, I have made it a point to inventory Seaman’s grocery store first, close to when they open, so that I can have plenty of time to prepare whatever they may need. This means inventorying and delivering to other customers later in the day, which increases the likelihood I will have trouble finding a parking space, and increases the likelihood I will be interrupting kitchen staff to make my deliveries, which slows both parties down.

For next week, I am planning to start my day earlier and inventory any customer who is open, as well as talking to customers to find out when they open for inventories and deliveries if they are not open on my first pass. I look forward to seeing how this works out and it is my hope that I will end up with a more efficient workday.



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