Aug 252017

Today I cleaned, took a break to experience the eclipse, and then cleaned some more. The cleaning was an exercise in using the holistic lens of holistic management in considering the tasks at hand; what the tasks were, how I would do the tasks, and the sequence of the various tasks. For example, one task was doing a load of laundry. Considering the whole of the tasks I had, it made sense to do this task first because I could put the load in and go about the rest of my day while it was running, and the clothes would be done in time to give them plenty of time to hang outside to dry. I could do the laundry last, but I would be missing the heat of the day that is good for d rying clothes on a clothes line. You might be starting to think, “Well duh, I would start the laundry first… what are you on about?”.

I think the ide

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