Sep 152017

Written 9/15/17

In this log I am reflecting on my experience so far with Chapter 8, “outfitting your ship: financial planning” from Ann Adams At Home with Holistic Management.

As the title of chapter 8 highlights, the chapter is about financial planning in the context of holistic management (hm).

Holistic financial planning makes sense to me for a number of reasons, the main one is that it is holistic goal (hg) oriented. Because of the orientation towards one’s hg, one has increased personal buy-in in hm financial planning because they can clearly see that the financial planning will help them in achieving their goals, not only financially, but socially, and environmentally.

hm financial planning is about continuous progress towards one’s holistic goal through breaking past paradigms and fostering innovation for the future. The chapter also focuses on the importance of balancing income and expenses to generate profit, with an emphasis on planning income before expenses.

I look forward to better understanding the concepts in chapter 8 by applying them to my own finances and I am interested to find out what my planning will reveal to me about my current situation, and my future.

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  1. Thank you.

    I would also like to re-visit the information in the workbook you reference.
    What page are you on currently?


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