Logs of Athens’ Own Interns


The Athens’ Own intern team is a diverse group of talented individuals, working together to help achieve personal goals and the goals of Athens’ Own. As part of their internships, our interns log and reflect on their activities.  It helps current and future interns learn from their footsteps. It also helps to minimize unnecessary redundancy.

Logs of Current Interns:

Miles McFadden

Halley Davidson

Sara Nolan

Alec Sheets

Log Archives:

The following is a list of previous interns who are no longer actively working with Athens’ Own. Click on a name to view the log archives for each person.

Eli Overstreet

Katie O’Neill

Emma Buchanan, Community Health, Tulane University

Mathew Roberts, Jouralism/ Strategic Communications

Anna Thompson, Journalism

Melanie Grover, Broadwell Hill Apprentice