Jul 082019


Quality of Life

I want to be in good mental, physical, and spiritual health.

I want life to flourish (be happy, healthy, resilient, and grow vigorously.)

I want good interpersonal relationships and close friends.

I want enjoyment and to have fun.

I want to be able to creatively express myself.

Behaviors and Systems

Listen to my body and feelings

Run, workout, stretch, and meditate often

Good time management

Good communication

Good financial management

Empathy and compassion towards other people and life

Make sound decisions based on reason, not judgement

Be open to change

Make money doing meaningful work


People treat each other as equals, and respect all life as having inherent value in its existence and sentience, beyond being just a resource. Because of this, all life is considered when making decisions that could help or harm. People are happy and help other life grow and to function better. People are free to be and express themselves. Life is visibly happy and robust, be it smiling, strong people, luscious Redwood forests, or 85-year-old blue whales. All kinds of life have their needs met; food, water, shelter, clean air, and habitat; additionally, for humans, education and interpersonal relationships. People are reconnected with themselves and others. Those who had seen themselves separate from nature have reconnected and realized their oneness. All of this brings nature together to work as a flourishing system; life is able to withstand, recover, and grow from disturbance or natural disaster. 

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