Nov 272016

Combining one’s visions and long term goals with everyday output into the workforce seems to be a dormant art. Although I have not had a considerable amount of time as a being of Earth in comparison, I have deducted my reasoning for the loss of this art by noticing that my goods and services have been predetermined to satisfy me quick and to break soon. I do not want a short term output from my own hands and mind, nor do I want to invest in short term ideas. I find satisfaction in ideas that have developed and been further analyzed because it shows me that the creator cares. I find this type of care and mindfulness within the structure guided by At Home With Holistic Management. Ann Adams quickly introduces the learner to the vitality of thinking outside the box, in every sense of the phrase. This structure emphasizes the idea of paying full attention to one’s surroundings. These surroundings are one’s environment, causes and effects on that environment, and how these experiences make the participant feel.

I have really enjoyed focusing on learning the very basics of the water cycle, mineral cycle, energy flow, and the biological community. At the end of the day, these are the vitalities that matter before all else. It saddens me that this sort of logic has gotten lost in the hunger of some industries, but our Earth speaks back to us, whether we listen or not. The art of listening is a new gift in my own experience and is brought to immediate attention within Holistic Management. Learning of the different language that is communicated amongst many beings is another lost art. There is a lot more emotions for one to feel if they allow themselves to pay attention. Without this communication, I can see why emptiness is a popular feeling for conversation with many humans.

Holistic Management has currently been guiding me to define the ship that I want to further invest time with.  One of the fun parts of this thought process is examining the habitat that I call home. Not necessarily my house, but I mean my soul’s forest. I have recently been able to identify that I have been one to landscape my own field, my field where I play loudly with the sun. Since entering college, I have been preparing myself for the idea of building my own ship in that same field. However, some things that have happened to me in life have affected me on a deep level and have caused me to run back into my soul’s forest to climb up into a tree to hide. I have quite recently been learning to instead dangle and hang upside down from this tree, in order to prepare myself for climbing down and building again.

These are all ideas that are very difficult to discuss in a group setting, let alone a business setting. I am becoming less afraid of these ideas since being exposed to alternative methods of learning and practicing business because I feel a strong sense of belonging and equality. Business is especially exciting when one feels the worth of their opinions and ideologies. In my own experience, this feeling brings forth contribution.

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