Jun 262016

6/26/16 Feedback

  • To: Halley Davidson (HD) regarding her Intern Log Entry #2
    • Constantine Faller (CF): AO IC – Operations Chief, (Basic Needs – Education), Internship Program Coordinator
  • From: K. Jacobson (kj): BWH IC/AO Liaison/Mentor

May 26 Marketing Campaign Plan

  • timeliness
    • no reference dates except ‘past few days”
  • no assignment info, team up-date
    • appears to need additional exploration into the purpose of the log, target audience, etc.
  • Twitter account
    • it is not clear if it was/is an assignment or a self-directed activity
    • provides rationale for twitter as a social media vehicle
    • pursued activities to create twitter conduits with local businesses, fb & twitter, posts about dry aged beef
      • did not provide additional info for target audience
        • twitter address, instruction guidance, etc.
  • Constantine asked about project
    • what project?
      • other small businesses?
      • Athens’ Own graphic?
  • Local Foods and products campaign?
    • self assigned, self motivated and directed?
    • outlines brainstorming thoughts
      • nice potential linkage with a collaborative effort to help provide AO collaborative partners pr/marketing assistance
        • but sounds like a different sort of campaign that may already be in play
      • general concept – Eat Local
      • nice linkage with an aspect of Athens’ Own mission: community wellness and resilience
      • product considerations
      • campaign name considerations
        • what will it take for people to Get it? Get it? We Do?
          • subliminal messaging
            • not to imply stupidity… just to tug at their intelligence
          • group association, familiarity with product availability, excellent quality, sold customer
      • I do not what status of this proposal, project, campaign
        • is there an assignment in play, a working group, avenue for collaborative partners to submit input?
          • target audience – students? often do not have excess money for local, high quality products
          • what is the status of the investigation related to the Athens County Tourism 30 mile meal program and other buy local initiatives in this area
            • history, research, homework
      • Additional rationales for team to pursue a marketing campaign related to ‘buy local’
        • no linkage with Athens’ Own business marketing, collaborative efforts, priorities, etc.
          • Yes, there is good intent to provide graphics and advertising assistance to other businesses but doesn’t seem to make a linkage with the Athens’ Own team base.
      • Additional self-assignments? Is there a team project campaign in play here or is this just a manifestation of your own brainstorming?
        • self-direction and self-motivation are very commendable traits but an employee also has to listen very carefully to their supervisors, the ICS flow, process, teamwork, etc.
        • I am not in the loop and nor would many of our collaborative partners/mentors know what is being assigned, what is happening.
          • Remember, your target audience includes people who have no clue about Athens’ Own
          • It appears that a review of the internship information, how to write a log, etc., may be needed.
      • Additional campaign brainstorming
        • If it is a proposal it does not reflect what I am used to in terms of information format, thought progression and organized presentation.
          • good graphics for specific business
          • court street -business to business inquiries about putting literature up
            • did you ask Constantine about collaborative partners, liaisons, etc.?
          • social media to move campaign out of Athens
            • are you not familiar with the national/global buy local movement?
            • are you re-inventing the wheel, thinking an idea is new?
            • are you listening to team members?
      • I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm, motivation and brainstorming abilities but there may be some foundational concepts, processes and systems to investigate further.
      • I also like the way you are thinking
        • nice linkage to resilience, community wellness, big picture, etc.
      • But, it appears like we have some foundation concept, teamwork and instruction work to do before moving forward with campaigns, proposals, etc.
        • I could be wrong with this assessment as I did not, as a collaborative partner, feel I got necessary information to understand what was happening, what the assignment was/is, etc.

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