Jun 262016

6/26/16 Feedback

  • To: Halley Davidson (HD) regarding her Intern Log Entry #4  June 2 – What is Local?
    • Constantine Faller (CF): AO IC – Operations Chief, (Basic Needs – Education), Internship Program Coordinator
  • From: K. Jacobson (kj): BWH IC/AO Liaison/Mentor

Homework: reviewed Intern Information Pages, developed a synopsis and a review checklist, the checklist is currently embedded in the draft Project Collaboration 1 document. The following feedback is linked to the concepts, key words identified in the guidance documents.

June 2 – Research

Con and I were chatting about the different things I think of when I think of Local. We created a list, which is as follows.

  1. “Community”:
  • Members
  • Geographic community: the people who live close to you (farmers market, neighborhood, school district.)
  • Relationships: The people with whom you interact within your geographic location. (Friends, family, classmates, coworkers)
  • Situational Community: Those you interact with by coincidence, or by necessity.
  1. Location:
  • County
  • State
  • Regional
  • Situational
  1. Groups
  • Political groups
  • Clubs
  • Sports
  • Culture/Religion
  1. Businesses:
  • Local Businesses with Local Products
  • Local Businesses with non-local Products

Our thoughts for this discussion were that while I start working on my graphics and any Athens’ Own project, making sure I have a good understanding of what Local is and how it plays in to everything I do. It’s also important that when you are working to share a message that you understand well enough that you can convey that message to others. That way if I am trying to get a conversation started with my community, like Ohio University Students, and they ask a question like “What is Local? How can I help?” I know exactly what to tell them to make the most impact and to give them correct information to pass on to the people in their community as well.

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